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Question (Q&A-137|457): I'd like to use the Windows Mixed Reality Headset on on-board HDMI, what should I do?(12/1/2017)
Answer:Please follow the steps below
1. Refer to the "Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality PC hardware guidelines” to check the system hardware requirement.
*The Windows Mixed Reality requires Integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 or greater DX12-capable integrated GPU.

2. If an external graphics card is installed, please enable "IGPU Multi-Monitor” under BIOS.
BIOS Path: Advanced > Chipset Configuration > IGPU Multi-Monitor

3. Download the VGA driver version from the Intel download center and Install it on your system.
Download Link: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/128199/Graphics-for-8th-Generation-Intel-Processors
4. Install the "Windows Mixed Reality Headset” USB 3.0 connector to the on-board USB3.0 port.
5. Install the "Windows Mixed Reality Headset” HDMI connector to the on-board HDMI port
The Windows Mixed Reality Headset should work now.