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ASRock Launches New Beebox-S with Intel® 7th Core i Processors Delivering 4K UHD Playback, 10-bits Color and HDR
World's leading mini PC manufactory ASRock Inc., announces its new mini PC Beebox-S series with the much-anticipated Intel® 7th Gen Core i3 / i5 processors. Thanks to excellent hardware acceleration, 10-bit color (a total of 1.07 billion colors!) and HDR (high-dynamic range) technology, ASRock's Beebox-S series is able to deliver a smooth 4K ultra HD video playback with stunning graphics performance in MOBA and MMORPG. With a compact size of 0.6 liter, the tiny Beebox-S even features lower power consumption which is perfectly reducing energy as well.
ASRock Takes Intel® Next Generation CPUs to DeskMini 110 Barebone Series and H110 Mini-STX Motherboard
Breaking news today! The globally-praised ASRock DeskMini 110 barebone series and the most compact mainboard H110M-STX are the world's first H110 chipset based products that support Intel® next generation processors. Simply update BIOS after P1.40 version, users are able to enjoy the exciting performance of new CPUs.
Ready to Go! ASRock 100 Series Motherboards Support Next Generation Socket 1151 Intel® Processors
The global leading motherboard manufacturer, ASRock, announces that its 100 series motherboards will support Next Generation socket 1151 Intel® Core™ Processors. Via a new BIOS update, ASRock Z170, H170, B150 and H110 series motherboards are resurrected. With only a few clicks, users are able to update the BIOS and enjoy the outstanding performance of next generation Intel® processors.
ASRock Reveals the Very First Mini-STX Motherboard Based on H110 Chipset : H110M-STX
The revolutionary Mini Socket Technology Extended (Mini-STX) form factor is just arriving. This new form factor is smaller than the ordinary Mini-ITX builds, yet still holds adequate room for a standard CPU fan, which makes it perfect for a powerful SFF sized desktop PC. As the motherboard pioneer, ASRock is thrilled to reveal its new Mini-STX motherboard based on Intel® H110 chipset - H110M-STX.
Here Comes the Best Selling ASRock NUC with Intel® 6th Gen Core i3 & i5 CPUs : Beebox-S Series
The ASRock Beebox NUC re-imagines the bulky desktop PC into a pint-sized package so users can place one in any room to work, play, entertain and use it as a home theater system. Launched last year, the top-selling Beebox has been received tons of brilliant feedback and was awarded as "Best of COMPUTEX 2015" and "MUST HAVE Best Features" by industrial-leading media Tom's GUIDE and TweakTown respectively. Hence, here comes the refresh NUC system called Beebox-S series that supports Intel® 6th Gen Core i3-6100U and i5-6200U processors.
ASRock Announces The Completely New X99 Taichi and Fatal1ty X99 Professional Gaming i7 Motherboards
ASRock is proud to announce the launch of the all-new X99 Taichi and Fatal1ty X99 Professional Gaming i7 Socket 2011-v3 motherboards. Never in the history of ASRock has there been a more affordable motherboard than the all-new X99 Taichi motherboard series, nor a more powerful gaming motherboard than the Fatal1ty X99 Professional Gaming i7. The X99 Taichi is truly a stable motherboard for the cost conscious yet feature-rich consumer.
ASRock and Intel® Teams up to Create One of the Smallest Mini PCs: DeskMini
Aside from appreciating a delicate compact design, most people barely recognize the artisanship and technology breakthrough it takes to shrink gizmos by even merely an inch. That said, it took two great minds, both Intel® and ASRock working side by side to build one of the world's smallest mini PCs – ASRock DeskMini.
ASRock Z170M OC Formula Is the Only Motherboard That Supports G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 4333MHz Memory Modules
Not in the wake of Poseidon, but the intense quests of DDR4 memory overclocking, G.SKILL has released its Trident Z DDR4 4333MHz memory modules. Apparently, these overpowered memory sticks named after the destructive weapon of Neptune are meant to operate at a brain melting 4333MHz frequency, however they are not destined to be wielded by just any mortal, currently only ASRock's overclocking oriented motherboard – Z170M OC Formula has what it takes to support these legendary memory DIMMs.
Major BIOS Updates Allow ASRock X99 Motherboards to Support Intel® Next Gen Socket 2011-3 CPUs
Whether you were aware of it before or not, Intel's new line of 14 nanometer die shrink Intel® next gen socket 2011-3 processors are arriving shortly this year, and ASRock's engineers have already completed uploading new versions of BIOS for their X99 motherboards to support these Intel® next gen socket 2011-3 CPUs. Clearly the new chips aren't available in the market yet, but if patience isn't your strong suit, then perhaps you could get a two minute head start by downloading the BIOS and upgrading now.
ASRock Z170M OC Formula Reaches 7025.66 MHz with Intel® Core i7 6700K
Unless you are caught in a PC system arms race, most motherboards do not necessarily need over the top specifications, especially when you're competition is against the one smirking back at you in the mirror. At this point, forget all of the fancy yet impractical features, abandon those superficial so called designs, and look no further than ASRock Z170M OC Formula – the secret formula to excel yourself in overclocking.
ASRock Z170 Gaming K4 Wins Tom's Hardware 2016 Editor Recommended Award
Over the weekend, Thomas Soderstrom from Tom's Hardware wrote an in-depth review on ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K4, the most inexpensive Skylake motherboard of the ASRock Fatal1ty series. Not only did it receive lots of praise from the authority on tech, ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K4 was also rewarded the Tom's Hardware 2016 Editor Recommended award.
ASRock Z170 Extreme4 Takes Home Tom's Hardware 2016 Editor Approved Award
If you're still stuck with an ancient and slow personal computer, now may be the right time to upgrade to Intel® 100 series. Especially ASRock's Z170 Extreme4, which is a mid to high end motherboard with a modest price. This week, Tom's Hardware the authority on tech did a full length review on this motherboard, and awarded it with Tom's Hardware 2016 Editor Approved.
ASRock H110M-STX and H110M-STX MINI PC are Dubbed Most Unexpected Innovation by Tom's Hardware
According to Tom's Hardware, one of the top picks of this year's CES (Consumer Technology Tradeshow 2016) is ASRock's mini-STX motherboard and mini-STX building block PC. Currently both models are powered by Intel® H110 chipset, including the motherboard H110M-STX and H110M-STX MINI PC. This new form factor is smaller than your ordinary mini-ITX builds, yet still holds adequate room for a standard CPU fan, which makes it perfect for a powerful SFF sized mini-PC.
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