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Question (Q&A-146|481): How can I enable wake on LAN function under S5 status in Windows 10 with Intel I211 LAN port?(8/1/2019)
Question (Q&A-145|479): I have installed a graphics card on my system, but monitor doesn't display the signals. What should I do?(3/1/2019)
Question (Q&A-145|478): If there is a new driver available on ASRock website for my graphics card, should I update the driver?(3/1/2019)
Question (Q&A-145|477): Can I use a DVI to D-sub adaptor for the ASRock RX500 series?(3/1/2019)
Question (Q&A-145|476): How do I enable the AMD ReLive function?(3/1/2019)
Question (Q&A-145|475): I can't install the graphics card driver. How can I solve it?(3/1/2019)
Question (Q&A-145|474): I have intermittent black screen or display loss problems. What should I do?(3/1/2019)
Question (Q&A-140|466): How do the BIOS recovery and secure Backup UEFI functions work on the Intel H170 motherboards with two BIOS ROM chips?(6/1/2018)
Question (Q&A-139|463): How to enable Wake on LAN function under S5 status in Windows 10(3/1/2018)
Question (Q&A-132|446): If I'd like to install the mining VGA card without display output, what should I do? (7/1/2017)
Question (Q&A-132|445): I'd like to use the PS2 mouse on PS2 port. What should I do?(7/1/2017)
Question (Q&A-132|444): How do I turn off USB port power under S5 mode? (7/1/2017)
Question (Q&A-130|438): Why does Beebox Series platform show "!” in device manager when installing Realtek Wireless LAN driver under Windows 10 RS1?(4/1/2017)
Question (Q&A-130|439): How do I change AMD Wraith RGB Cooler color on AM4 series platform?(4/1/2017)
Question (Q&A-125|415): How to write MAC address of your motherboard?(6/1/2016)
Question (Q&A-122|405): When I try to use 64-bit guest operating systems with VMware, the system pops up "This host supports Intel VT-X, but Intel VT-X is disabled".(12/1/2015)
Question (Q&A-122|408): How can I change Windows 10 shut down behavior from Hibernate (S4) to shut down (S5)?(12/1/2015)
Question (Q&A-119|399): After I've upgraded the Killer LAN driver from ver: to ver: under Windows 10, the LAN port doesn't work. How do I fix this?(8/1/2015)
Question (Q&A-115|384): While 3DMark is running, the system hangs during tests or sometimes gets the error message "process exited unexpectedly". What should I do?(12/1/2014)
Question (Q&A-110|362): There still have two unknown devices "IKBMON_01" and "IMSMON_01" in device manager on H61 series motherboards, after install all drivers from support CD, what driver should I install for them?
Question (Q&A-107|356): When I install Windows 8.1 in GPT mode, there is a water mark in the bottom right corner "Secure boot isn't configured correctly". How can I fix this?(10/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-107|357): When I use the Sunlogin App to control my system via an Android system, there is an error message during remote desktop control. How do I solve this problem?(10/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-106|354): My SD card reader on the Wi-SD box can't detect SD cards. What should I do to make the SD card reader work properly?(9/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-106|353): When I connect a 4-pin power cable to the Wi-SD box my system cannot be shut down. What should I do?(9/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-105|346): On an ATX and micro-ATX combo chassis, which mounting holes are required for installing a micro-ATX motherboard?(7/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-103|341): I cannot copy files via ASMedia USB3.0 ports when using XFast USB under Windows 8. How do I solve this problem?(3/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-103|340): How could I install CPU on socket 115x motherboards?(3/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-102|336): Will dual operating systems work with Fast Boot?(2/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-102|334): What is Dr. Debug and how do I troubleshoot with these codes?(2/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-101|330): After updating the BIOS, my Intel IVY Bridge CPU and Intel 6 series chipset motherboard will get the Blue screen and can't boot into Windows 8 anymore. What should I do?(1/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-100|328): Should I update the Intel INF driver to version under Windows 7?(12/1/2012)
Question (Q&A-98|322): How could I change Windows 8 shut down behavior from Hibernate (S4) to shut down (S5)?(10/1/2012)
Question (Q&A-98|323): Does my motherboard support Windows 8?(10/1/2012)
Question (Q&A-97|318): After updating BIOS to support Ivy Bridge CPU, there's an unknown device "INT33A0" in device manager. What should I do?
Question (Q&A-95|313): I cannot finish the AXTU installation under Japanese Windows7, what can I do?(5/1/2012)
Question (Q&A-93|308): I can not copy the file successfully when using XFast USB under Windows XP. How could I do?(3/1/2012)
Question (Q&A-91|303): How do I install "XP mode" on Win7 with AM3R2 CPU?(1/1/2012)
Question (Q&A-90|302): After I shut down the system, my USB keyboard and mouse are still light on. How could I turn them off?(12/1/2011)
Question (Q&A-89|298): If my mouse or keyboard works abnormally under BIOS, how do I solve this problem?(11/1/2011)
Question (Q&A-87|295): Etron USB3.0 ports could not detect my USB3.0 devices with JMicron IC, what should I do?(9/1/2011)
Question (Q&A-88|294): How could I enabled "Data Execution Protection (DEP)" supported from CPU?(9/1/2011)
Question (Q&A-88|293): I would like to test the VT-d feature. Do you have an SOP for it?(9/1/2011)
Question (Q&A-86|288): When using Windows MCE, the system sometimes wake up automatically. How do I solve this problem?(6/1/2011)
Question (Q&A-84|286): What's the meaning of AMI UEFI BIOS Beep code?(4/1/2011)
Question (Q&A-83|281): If using Directory Opus, how do I improve the performance of network transfer speed?(3/14/2011)
Question (Q&A-83|282): Why can't my iPhone4 be recognized by Etron USB3.0 controller?(3/14/2011)
Question (Q&A-83|280): After installing Daemon Tool, why can't my system play Blu-Ray movie via PowerDVD10?(3/14/2011)
Question (Q&A-79|264): Could I connect USB2.0 cable to USB3.0 external HDD device and USB3.0 external HDD device run at SuperSpeed mode?(5/6/2010)
Question (Q&A-77|262): I connect my IR receiver to onboard IR header , how can I make it work under Windows® 7?(11/21/2009)
Question (Q&A-77|259): Does my motherboard support Windows® 7?(11/21/2009)
Question (Q&A-77|260): Can I use water cooling as my CPU fan?(11/21/2009)
Question (Q&A-73|250): I can not virtual 64bit OS, when I adopt AMD® CPU with Sun's xVM virtual Box software. How can I do?(6/25/2009)
Question (Q&A-71|246): When I use Vista 64bit SP1 OS, the [Event viewer] in the OS shows
Kernel-Proessor-Power error, but the OS works fine. How can I solve this error in the [Event viewer]?(2/27/2009)
Question (Q&A-69|242): When I connect a HDMI_SPDIF cable from the HDMI VGA card (GTX260 or GF9800) to the onboard HDMI_SPDIF header, it cannot get sound from the HDMI output. What should I do?(11/27/2008)
Question (Q&A-68|238): I am using Intel® chipset X48 / X38 / P45 / P43 / G43 / P35 / G31 / P965 series motherboard with 4GB memory modules installed. But it always detects the memory size as 3GB instead of 4GB at POST screen. What should I do?(10/23/2008)
Question (Q&A-66|232): I install more than 2GB system memory on my system. When I run the "Sound Recorder" under Windows® XP, it always shows the following error message. What's wrong?
Question (Q&A-66|233): I use Intel® CPUs, why the Vcore sometimes is lower than the value in the BIOS?(7/31/2008)
Question (Q&A-64|227): How do I get my onboard LAN to work properly?(4/28/2008)
Question (Q&A-64|229): When I use Adobe Acrobat Reader ver 7.08 to read PDF file under Vista SP1, it pops up an error message: This program has some compatibility issue… What do I do?(4/28/2008)
Question (Q&A-62|224): I use the ASRock WiFi card as software AP. However there are some APs around my place; how do I change the channel of the software AP to avoid the interference?(2/14/2008)
Question (Q&A-60|215): I'm using the AMD® AM2 Athlon 64X2 5000+ Black Edition CPU. The ratio of this CPU is unlocked. I would like to overclock it by adjusting the ratio. But after adjust the CPU ratio in BIOS and boot into the Windows, the ratio of this CPU does not change. What should I do?(12/19/2007)
Question (Q&A-59|212): I'm using 4 GB system memory under Windows® XP Professional x64 Edition. Why can't I enable hibernation in the Power Option of Control Panel? It does not have hibernation tab in it!(11/5/2007)
Question (Q&A-52|197): If the MIDI/GAME port is enabled in the BIOS setup, the device manager will show yellow "!" under Windows® Vista™. Why?(3/19/2007)
Question (Q&A-51|194): How do I enable Windows® Aero feature in my Windows® Vista™ Premium system?(2/15/2007)
Question (Q&A-50|192): I would like to use the analog CD-in function in Windows® Vista™. But the "Analog" item of Playback and Rip can not be selected in Windows® Vista™. It was gray. Why? (Here is the screenshot.)
Question (Q&A-50|191): When my computer is in standby mode, I can not resume from USB devices. Can you help?(1/16/2007)
Question (Q&A-49|13): I am using the AMD® AM2 rev.G CPU. But the system always stops at POST after I turn on the system. I can't go into the operating system. What should I do?(12/19/2006)
Question (Q&A-47|186): My power supply has two 4-pin (2X2) power connectors. Which one should I connect to the motherboard?(10/20/2006)
Question (Q&A-45|181): What key should I press to enter into BIOS setup? What key should I press to enter into boot menu?(8/18/2006)
Question (Q&A-42|170): When I use DDR 400 (200 MHz) memory on my board, it shows that the DRAM frequency is running at DDR 333 (166MHz) in BIOS main page. The BIOS option "DRAM Frequency" is set at default setting "Auto". Why?(4/21/2006)
Question (Q&A-40|165): I have installed total 4GB memory on my motherboard. However, it can only recognize around 3GB or less. How should I do to recognize 4GB totally?(2/17/2006)
Question (Q&A-39|161): After installing Windows® XP x64 Edition, I see an "Unsupported Standard Game Port" in device manager. And there is no exclamation mark or error message. Why?(1/16/2006)
Question (Q&A-36|152): How do I use "Boot from Network" function on ASRock motherboard?(10/17/2005)
Question (Q&A-29|132): I use a HT CPU and an ASRock motherboard which supports Hyper-Threading. How do I know if my system is working under Hyper-Threading?(3/21/2005)
Question (Q&A-26|120): My CPU is Duron FSB 200 MHz CPU. Why my DDR 400 SDRAM can only run at DDR 266 speed on the K7VT6 motherboard?(12/15/2004)
Question (Q&A-26|119): My motherboards are K7VT4A+ and K7VM3. During the POST, it shows "Mac address are invalid in both CMOS and DMI. Press F1 to resume". What should I do?(12/15/2004)
Question (Q&A-24|118): My OS is Windows XP (or Windows 2000), and I have installed XP Service Pack 1 (Windows 2000 Service Pack 4). But when I use USB 2.0 devices, it will show "High-Speed devices is attached to a non-Hi-Speed port". How can I use USB 2.0 devices?(10/15/2004)
Question (Q&A-23|112): My ASRock motherboard supports Hybrid Booster. Is Hybrid Booster a utility to install? Where can I get it?(9/14/2004)
Question (Q&A-23|114): After updating Windows XP to service pack 2, some benchmark or programs may not work properly. What's going on?(9/14/2004)
Question (Q&A-22|106): Does my ASRock K7 motherboard, which supports Athlon XP FSB 333 MHz CPU, support AMD® Sempron CPU?(8/16/2004)
Question (Q&A-20|102): Why is my 4GB of memory reported as about 3.5GB by the system if the chipset of the motherboard support to 4GB Memory size?(6/11/2004)
Question (Q&A-19|97): I'm using INTEL Prescott CPU on ASRock motherboard. After the system works for a while, I realize that the sound of the CPU fan is getting louder. What's wrong?(5/15/2004)
Question (Q&A-18|93): My ASRock motherboard can support Prescott CPU. If I want to use Prescott CPU, is there anything I need to notice?(4/15/2004)
Question (Q&A-18|89): My on-board LAN is not working, I found that the MAC address of my on-board LAN is 00-00-00-00-00-00 or FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF. What's wrong?(4/15/2004)
Question (Q&A-17|87): When connecting the POWER SW, POWER LED, RESET SW and HDD LED cables from my chassis to the PANEL1 connector on the motherboard, I found that the pin holes of the cable does not match with the connector. What should I do?(3/15/2004)
Question (Q&A-17|86): My motherboard is Intel or ALi south bridge based motherboard. When I connect the ATX power connector to the motherboard, the system power on right away. Why?(3/15/2004)
Question (Q&A-16|83): When I play some video or audio media files through my IDE optical devices (CD-ROM and DVD-ROM). I feel that the video/audio playback is not smooth. What should I do?(2/17/2004)
Question (Q&A-15|81): I'd just finished setting up my system. When booting it up, I found that the LED of the floppy drive is always on and I cannot read any floppy disk with the floppy drive. Why?(1/14/2004)
Question (Q&A-14|75): My parallel port printer can't work normally with my ASRock motherboard. What should I do now?(12/12/2003)
Question (Q&A-14|74): I'm using an add-on LAN card on my ASRock motherboard. The LAN card provides a "Wake On LAN" connector with a cable. Is there a connector on the motherboard so that I can plug this cable?(12/12/2003)
Question (Q&A-14|73): I have an ASRock ATX motherboard. Do I need to screw on the double hole?(12/12/2003)
Question (Q&A-13|71): With 3Com /Intel Gigabit LAN card installed, my system cannot connect to the Internet if PC-cillin 2002 personal firewall is enabled. How do I solve it?(11/14/2003)
Question (Q&A-13|66): I'm using Duron 1600MHz Applebred CPU on your K7 series motherboard. How come the CPU is only recognized as a Duron 1200MHz CPU?(11/14/2003)
Question (Q&A-12|62): I'm using an ASRock motherboard which supports Hyper-Threading technology. How come there is no Hyper-Threading technology option in BIOS setup?(10/15/2003)
Question (Q&A-10|56): After I shut down the system, my USB mouse is still light on. Why?(8/15/2003)
Question (Q&A-10|54): My motherboard provides FID jumpers. Why I can't change my CPU multiplier even though I already adjust FID jumpers correctly?(8/15/2003)
Question (Q&A-10|52): What is Boot Failure Guard (B.F.G)? How do I enable this function?(8/15/2003)
Question (Q&A-9|45): I'm using ASRock motherboard. In the BIOS, I found that the Vcore is a little bit higher. Is this normal?(7/9/2003)
Question (Q&A-9|48): When I'm going to install USB 2.0 driver for my Windows 2000, it asked me to update Service pack 4. Where can I get Service pack 4 for Windows 2000?(7/9/2003)
Question (Q&A-9|46): How could I use Wake on LAN function?(7/9/2003)
Question (Q&A-8|38): How do I get the correct CPU speed after updating the BIOS?(6/13/2003)
Question (Q&A-8|41): I found two digits or letters changing at the right bottom corner during POST screen. What is it?(6/13/2003)
Question (Q&A-8|43): How to clear CMOS? (6/13/2003)
Question (Q&A-8|42): May I use the power supply without +12V power (4 pins) connector for ASRock Intel platform Motherboards? (6/13/2003)
Question (Q&A-7|37): What's the function of JL1 and JR1 jumpers on my ASRock motherboard?(5/9/2003)
Question (Q&A-7|36): If I install Win9x MR driver by pressing the auto setup of the support CD, the MR modem always picks up com 5. How do I solve it?(5/9/2003)
Question (Q&A-6|25): Sometimes I cannot boot up from my floppy disk, Why?(4/15/2003)
Question (Q&A-6|30): I'm using a AMD Athlon XP 2000+ processor with FSB 266MHz on K7S8X, but the FSB jumper can only set from 100, 133, 166MHz. How do I adjust to FSB 266MHz?(4/15/2003)
Question (Q&A-6|27): Does ASRock motherboard support "Boot from USB device", if my USB device is bootable?(4/15/2003)
Question (Q&A-5|24): Do I need to install USB2.0 driver if my system runs Win XP SP1?(3/3/2003)
Question (Q&A-5|23): Where can I get the detailed BIOS setting description?(3/3/2003)
Question (Q&A-5|21): Why I only see 1667MHz for my Athlon XP 2000+ CPU?(3/3/2003)
Question (Q&A-5|20): After I updated BIOS, ASRock LOGO disappeared when booting up. Why?(3/3/2003)
Question (Q&A-5|19): What is ASRock U-COP?(3/3/2003)
Question (Q&A-4|17): Should I clear the CMOS after I upgrade the BIOS?(1/30/2003)
Question (Q&A-4|16): How can I set CPU FSB (Front Side Bus) correctly?(1/30/2003)
Question (Q&A-2|7): My PC runs Windows 98/ME, can I still use USB 2.0 products?(11/26/2002)
Question (Q&A-1|2): What's the meaning of AMI BIOS Beep Codes?(10/29/2002)
Question (Q&A-1|4): If I use 1 GB or more memory on the M/B, Windows 98/ME O.S. shows "Error Message: Insufficient Memory to Initialize Windows". What's wrong?(10/29/2002)
Question (Q&A-1|3): Can I install both DDR and SD RAM at the same time?(10/29/2002)