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Question (Q&A-44|177): I'm using a SATA HDD. My computer was running fine. But one day I turn on my computer, it keeps restarting itself after Windows® Logo page (at startup). Do you have any idea what possibility causes this?(7/21/2006)
Answer:This may be that your system was installed in IDE (or non-RAID) mode. But now it is set to RAID (AHCI) Mode. Please try to set it back to the IDE (non-RAID) mode in the BIOS>Advanced>IDE Configuration.
Here are some examples, please refer to the user manual for details.

VIA® and Nvidia chipset:

Please set SATA Operation Mode to [non-RAID]

Intel® Chipset:

Please set Configure SATA as [IDE]

775Twins-HDTV (R2.0) or P4Twins-HDTV:

Please set ATA Combination Mode to [Enable]