ASRock pioneers in Windows 8 logo submission, and is keen on offering first-rate integrated support to users. To meet total product stability, ASRock has developed new BIOS and drivers to support the newest Windows 8. These efforts resulted in the H61M-HVS becoming the world's first Intel motherboard to pass Windows 8 hardware certification on June 7, while A55M-DGS is the world's first Windows 8-capable AMD motherboard on July 23.

When you first boot up Windows 8 and you’ll be amazed in a whole new world of computing. There’s a huge amount to discover. There are new ways of switching between apps, as well as more updates to the desktop tools. Microsoft’s latest operating system revolution offers a fancy and attractive Windows 8 UI. The revolutionary UI features large, colorful tiles for navigation and tomorrow’s touch-screen interface, delivering fantastic computing experience ever.


1.5 Secs Ultra Fast Boot, Faster Than Ever!

With ASRock’s exclusive Fast Boot technology, it takes less than 1.5 seconds to logon to Windows 8 from a cold boot. No more waiting! The speedy boot will completely change your user experience and behavior.

* There are few restrictions for 1.5 Secs Ultra Fast Boot:
1. Only supports Windows 8 64-bit UEFI operating system.
2. You will not be able to enter UEFI Setup by using keyboard. The only way to enter UEFI Setup is Clear CMOS or run “Restart to UEFI” utility in Windows.
3. If you are using an external graphics card, the VBIOS must support UEFI GOP in order to boot.
4. The boot time may vary with a different configuration.


Restart To UEFI

Windows 8 brings the ultimate boot up experience. The lightning boot up speed makes it hard to access the UEFI setup. ASRock "Restart To UEFI" technology is designed for those requiring frequent UEFI access. It allows users to easily enter the UEFI automatically when turning on the PC next time. Just simply enable this function; the PC will be assured to access the UEFI directly in the very beginning.


MB compatible list * Intel AMD

Intel Series

SocketChipsetModelBIOSDownloadRestart to UEFI Utility
2011Intel X79X79 Extreme11L3.01DownloadDownload
2011Intel X79Fatal1ty X79 Champion2.62DownloadDownload
2011Intel X79Fatal1ty X79 Professional2.80DownloadDownload
2011Intel X79X79 Extreme9L3.61DownloadDownload
2011Intel X79X79 Extreme7L2.01DownloadDownload
2011Intel X79X79 Extreme6/GBL2.31DownloadDownload
2011Intel X79X79 Extreme63.10DownloadDownload
2011Intel X79X79 Extreme4L3.21DownloadDownload
2011Intel X79X79 Extreme4-ML3.01DownloadDownload
2011Intel X79X79 Extreme3L2.61DownloadDownload
1155Intel Z77Z77 Extreme111.60DownloadDownload
1155Intel Z77Z77 Extreme92.00DownloadDownload
1155Intel Z77Z77 OC Formula2.30DownloadDownload
1155Intel Z77Z77 Extreme6/TB42.20DownloadDownload
1155Intel Z77Z77 Extreme62.80DownloadDownload
1155Intel Z77Z77 Extreme42.90DownloadDownload
1155Intel Z77Z77 Extreme4-M1.80DownloadDownload
1155Intel Z77Z77 Extreme31.60DownloadDownload
1155Intel Z77Z77 Pro42.00DownloadDownload
1155Intel Z77Z77 Pro4-M2.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel Z77Z77 Pro32.10aDownloadDownload
1155Intel Z77Z77M1.70DownloadDownload
1155Intel Z77Z77E-ITX1.90DownloadDownload
1155Intel Z77Z77TM-ITX1.00DownloadDownload
1155Intel Z77Fatal1ty Z77 Professional1.70DownloadDownload
1155Intel Z77Fatal1ty Z77 Professional-M2.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel Z77Fatal1ty Z77 Performance2.30DownloadDownload
1155Intel Z75Z75 Pro32.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel H77H77 Pro4/MVP1.80DownloadDownload
1155Intel H77H77 Pro4-M2.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel H77ZH77 Pro31.80DownloadDownload
1155Intel H77H77M1.70DownloadDownload
1155Intel H77H77M-ITX2.00DownloadDownload
1155Intel H77H77TM-ITX1.00DownloadDownload
1155Intel Q77Q77M vPro1.50DownloadDownload
1155Intel B75P75 Pro31.30DownloadDownload
1155Intel B75B75 Pro31.50DownloadDownload
1155Intel B75B75 Pro3-M/MVPComing SoonDownloadDownload
1155Intel B75B75 Pro3-M1.50DownloadDownload
1155Intel B75B75M-DGS R2.01.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel B75B75M-DGSL1.12DownloadDownload
1155Intel B75B75M-GL R2.01.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel B75B75M-GL1.20DownloadDownload
1155Intel B75B75M R2.01.00DownloadDownload
1155Intel B75B75M1.50DownloadDownload
1155Intel B75B75M-ITX1.60DownloadDownload
1155Intel B75B75TM-ITX1.00DownloadDownload
1155Intel Z68Z68 Extreme7 Gen3L2.33ADownloadDownload
1155Intel Z68Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3L2.23ADownloadDownload
1155Intel Z68Z68 Extreme4 Gen3L2.31ADownloadDownload
1155Intel Z68Z68 Extreme3 Gen3L2.31ADownloadDownload
1155Intel Z68Z68 Extreme4L2.21ADownloadDownload
1155Intel Z68Z68 Pro3 Gen3L2.31ADownloadDownload
1155Intel Z68Z68 Pro3L2.16ADownloadDownload
1155Intel Z68Z68 Pro3-ML2.31ADownloadDownload
1155Intel Z68Z68M/USB3L2.21ADownloadDownload
1155Intel Z68Z68M-ITX/HTL2.41BDownloadDownload
1155Intel P67Fatal1ty P67 ProfessionalL3.19DownloadDownload
1155Intel P67P67 Extreme62.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel P67P67 Extreme4 Gen32.20DownloadDownload
1155Intel P67P67 Extreme43.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel P67P67 Pro3 SE2.20DownloadDownload
1155Intel H67H67DE3L2.18ADownloadDownload
1155Intel H67H67M-GE/HT2.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel H67H67M-GE2.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel H67H67M2.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel H67H67M-ITX/HT2.20DownloadDownload
1155Intel H67H67M-ITX2.20DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M/U3S32.40DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-DG3/USB31.30DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61P65iCafeP1.80DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61iCafeP2.00DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61DE/S3P2.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61DE/SIP2.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61DEL2.00DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61 Pro BTC1.40DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61 ProP1.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-GEL2.01EDownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61ML2.01DDownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-PS41.20DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-PS2P1.50DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-PSP1.80DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-DSComing SoonDownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-DPS1.30DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-DP31.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H71M-DG3P1.30ADownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H71M-DGS1.50DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-DGS R2.01.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-DGSL1.53DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-DG41.20DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-HG41.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-HP41.20DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-HGS2.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-GS2.00DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-HVGS2.20DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-HVS2.50DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-S+1.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-S1.80DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-VG41.40DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-VG31.90DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-VS41.40DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-VS31.70DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-VS R2.02.90DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-VS2.70DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-IDE1.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61MV-ITX1.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-ITX2.20DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-XT PLUS1.00DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M-S1 PLUS1.10DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61M++1.00DownloadDownload
1155Intel H61H61TM-ITX1.60DownloadDownload

* There are few restrictions for 1.5 Secs Ultra Fast Boot:
1. Only supports Windows 8 64-bit UEFI operating system.
2. You will not be able to enter UEFI Setup by using keyboard. The only way to enter UEFI Setup is Clear CMOS or run "Restart to UEFI" utility in Windows.
3. If you are using an external graphics card, the VBIOS must support UEFI GOP in order to boot.
4. The boot time may vary with a different configuration.

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