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Question (Q&A-151|487): When I record via the Microphone in Windows 10 1909, there are hissing noises from the recordings.(1/1/2020)
Question (Q&A-119|396): Does DTS Connect 5.1 Surround work under Windows 10?(8/1/2015)
Question (Q&A-106|350): When I play music or movies with Media Player under Win8 32/64bit, Media Player stops and shows an error message whenever I plug a headphone into the front audio panel. How do I fix this?(9/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-89|297): How do I setup digital sound (DTS5.1, Dolby5.1, DTS HD Master and Dolby True HD) output via HDMI or SPDIF?(11/1/2011)
Question (Q&A-78|263): If I use AC'97 front audio panel with VIA® audio codec motherboard, how do I connect AC'97 front panel to HD Audio header on the motherboard?(2/10/2010)
Question (Q&A-70|245): I install ATI 2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx series PCIE VGA card on the motherboard. After installing all Windows® XP drivers from the motherboard, it still shows an unknown "audio device on the high definition audio bus." message under device manager. What could I try?(1/12/2009)
Question (Q&A-69|241): I have a motherboard with Realtek HD Audio Codec. When I use Windows® XP SP3 or upgrade to Windows® XP SP3, the onboard audio doesn't work. What could I try?(11/27/2008)
Question (Q&A-66|232): I install more than 2GB system memory on my system. When I run the "Sound Recorder" under Windows® XP, it always shows the following error message. What's wrong?
Question (Q&A-65|230): When I install Realtek HD Audio driver, I found the system shows below error message. What can I do?
Question (Q&A-63|226): My motherboard with Realtek ALC662 audio codec supports 5.1 channel HD Audio. But it has 3 audio connectors (Light blue, Lime and Pink) on the rear audio panel. How do I connect my 5.1 channel speakers to the rear audio panel?(3/24/2008)
Question (Q&A-57|207): After installing ATI HDMI audio driver for my ATI HD 2xxx series PCIE card, I found the onboard sound will not work. How do I fix the problem?(9/10/2007)
Question (Q&A-54|200): I have a motherboard with Realtek HD audio codec. After resume Windows® Vista™ from sleep or from hibernation, the high definition audio device may no longer work. How do I solve this?(4/25/2007)
Question (Q&A-53|198): I have a motherboard with Realtek HD audio codec. After installing the Microsoft® Security Update 925902 and 928843, my system shows the following error message. How do I fix this?
Question (Q&A-52|196): My onboard audio is Realtek HD audio. In the Windows® Vista™, I can't use Sound Recorder to record the audio. What should I do?(3/19/2007)
Question (Q&A-50|193): I plugged a headphone in my ASRock motherboard with Realtek HD Audio, and set the "Audio I/O" from "2CH" to "Headphone" in Realtek Audio Manager (picture1).

But the Realtek Audio Manager always recognized my headphone as 2CH speaker after I restarted the operating system (picture2).

What should I do?(1/16/2007)
Question (Q&A-50|192): I would like to use the analog CD-in function in Windows® Vista™. But the "Analog" item of Playback and Rip can not be selected in Windows® Vista™. It was gray. Why? (Here is the screenshot.)
Question (Q&A-42|172): My onboard audio is AC'97 audio. The front panel audio connector cables of my case are different from the description of manual. How should I connect them? Please advice.(4/21/2006)
Question (Q&A-40|164): If I use AC'97 front audio panel with, how do I connect to the High Definition Audio header on the motherboard and get front audio work?(2/17/2006)
Question (Q&A-40|166): What's the requirement for High Definition Audio to work under Windows® XP 64bit?(2/17/2006)
Question (Q&A-7|34): Can I use the microphone if I select 6 speakers in C-Media Audio Configuration?(5/9/2003)
Question (Q&A-7|33): How do I select "Output Type" in C-Media 3D Audio Configuration?(5/9/2003)
Question (Q&A-2|10): If I want to use 4/6 speakers, how do I setup 4/6-Channel audio ?(11/26/2002)