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Question (Q&A-135|454): If I have two PSU for my mining system, how do I connect the PSU to H110 Pro BTC+?(10/1/2017)
Question (Q&A-135|455): How do I play Dolby ATMOS through a receiver on Z270 Gaming-ITX/ac?(10/1/2017)
Question (Q&A-133|447): I'd like to install the TR4 1900X CPU on X399Taichi or X399 Prof. Gaming, what should I do?
Please refer to the following steps to update the BIOS P1.30 or later version to support TR4 1900X CPU.(8/1/2017)
Question (Q&A-130|435): What is the requirement to support Intel Optane Memory?(4/1/2017)
Question (Q&A-130|433): How do I play a 4K BD movie through a Pioneer Ultra HD Blu-ray drive on Z170 Gaming-ITX/ac?(4/1/2017)
Question (Q&A-130|432): How do I play a 4K BD movie through a Pioneer Ultra HD Blu-ray drive on Z270 Gaming-ITX/ac?(4/1/2017)
Question (Q&A-130|436): Can Intel Optane memory be supported under legacy formatted system drive?(4/1/2017)
Question (Q&A-128|431): If I want to change voltage in BIOS setting for Ryzen CPU on AB350 series motherboards, how do I do?(3/1/2017)
Question (Q&A-128|427): Which fan type can I use on AM4 motherboard to support fan speed control?(3/1/2017)
Question (Q&A-128|423): How can I update BIOS by ASRock Instant Flash on AM4 platform?(3/1/2017)
Question (Q&A-128|422): How can I adjust "CPU Frequency Multiplier Change” setting on AM4 platform?(3/1/2017)
Question (Q&A-128|421): What kind of M.2 specification can your AM4 motherboard support? Is M.2 shared with SATA port? Which SATA port?(3/1/2017)
Question (Q&A-128|420): The system doesn't boot properly after loading DRAM XMP Profile on AM4 motherboards. How do I do?(3/1/2017)
Question (Q&A-126|417): While transferring data between two USB3.0 drives, it may not transfer successfully and pop-up error message appears on my Intel Braswell platform. How can I fix it?(9/1/2016)
Question (Q&A-123|410): I'm using a Beebox with an mSATA disk installed, but I can't establish a WiFi connection.(2/1/2016)
Question (Q&A-117|393): My monitor and DisplayPort cable supports DP1.2. However, the AMD VGA driver still shows "A display capable of DisplayPort v1.2 data rates and multi-streaming is currently connected to a connector that does not support DisplayPort v1.2" on AMD FM2+ platform. How to fix this issue?(6/1/2015)
Question (Q&A-114|375): After installing the Windows Update, KB2962409, Fatal1ty mouse port cannot set the polling rate over 125hz.(7/1/2014)
Question (Q&A-112|363): I'm using M.2 SATA3 6.0 Gbps module on Fatal1ty 990FX Killer, is there any tips to maximize the performance?(5/1/2014)
Question (Q&A-110|362): There still have two unknown devices "IKBMON_01" and "IMSMON_01" in device manager on H61 series motherboards, after install all drivers from support CD, what driver should I install for them?
Question (Q&A-106|351): My eSATA device cannot be detected by ASMedia SATA3 controller on Z87 platforms. How do I solve this problem?(9/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-102|339): I keep getting the BSOD when I'm installing ASMedia SATA3 driver. How can I install ASMedia SATA3 driver on Windows 8?(2/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-102|334): What is Dr. Debug and how do I troubleshoot with these codes?(2/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-101|333): Why can't the system detect my HDDs when I'm installing Windows XP?(1/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-98|321): What Mini-PCIE device does Z77 Extreme6 supports?(10/1/2012)
Question (Q&A-95|312): What are the basic requirements for Intel Smart Response Technology?(5/1/2012)
Question (Q&A-95|316): How to install OS on over 2.2TB RAID volume on ASRock 970/990FX motherboard?(5/1/2012)
Question (Q&A-95|314): When I set SATA as RAID or AHCI mode, I can not view S.M.A.R.T values with some utility like AIAX64 or CrystalDiskInfo, why?(5/1/2012)
Question (Q&A-95|315): When I connect SATA3 HDD and ODD on H67M motherboard, it takes a little bit longer to boot into Windows XP, how could I do?(5/1/2012)
Question (Q&A-92|306): Does my ASRock 6-series motherboards support Intel Ivy Bridge CPU?(2/1/2012)
Question (Q&A-89|299): How do I pre-install the SATA RAID driver on X79 chipset motherboard?(11/1/2011)
Question (Q&A-88|294): How could I enabled "Data Execution Protection (DEP)" supported from CPU?(9/1/2011)
Question (Q&A-86|289): I install Microsoft Windows OS in GPT mode and Ubuntu in MBR mode with two different HDD, and I cannot boot into Microsoft Windows OS, how to solve that?(6/1/2011)
Question (Q&A-86|288): When using Windows MCE, the system sometimes wake up automatically. How do I solve this problem?(6/1/2011)
Question (Q&A-85|285): I have installed all the drivers from support CD, but I could not enable the Intel Smart Response Technology on my Z68 motherboard. What should I do?(5/1/2011)
Question (Q&A-81|273): Why the MarvellTray.exe dialog box always show up while system boot into Windows® 7 x64 every time?(12/30/2010)
Question (Q&A-80|269): How to play AVATAR Blue-Ray Disk with Power DVD Ultra on ION330 series system ?(7/15/2010)
Question (Q&A-72|248): When I plug in an eSATA HDD, it can be recognized in the BIOS. But in the OS, it will show a massage "Storage Device Connected". And I can not use this eSATA HDD, ether. How can I fix it?
Question (Q&A-69|243): I use a Samsung SATA optical device (SH-203) on ALiveNF6P-VSTA. How do I get the system to work under Windows® XP properly?(11/27/2008)
Question (Q&A-68|239): I want to use a Phenom CPU with NVIDIA® 7600 and 7800 series AGP VGA card on AM2NF3-VSTA or ALiveDual-eSATA2 under Windows® XP. Is there any point for attention?(10/23/2008)
Question (Q&A-68|240): How should I make my SATA HDD working with "Hot Plug" function properly on my ALiveNF6P-VSTA / ALiveNF6G-GLAN / NF6-GLAN motherboard?(10/23/2008)
Question (Q&A-67|237): When I install a Terratec Cinergy C PCI TV card or Technisat Cablestar HD2 TV card on VIA® chipset based motherboards, such like 4CoreDual-SATA2 (PT880 series motherboards) or ALiveSATA2-GLAN, it always show "PCI IRQ routing table error" message after BIOS POST, or simply hang up during BIOS POST. Any way to fix the problem?(9/5/2008)
Question (Q&A-67|236): I am a 939Dual-VSTA user. At first, my onboard audio works fine with integrated audio driver under Vista™. After updating to Vista service pack 1, my onboard audio does not work anymore. Can you help me?(9/5/2008)
Question (Q&A-66|233): I use Intel® CPUs, why the Vcore sometimes is lower than the value in the BIOS?(7/31/2008)
Question (Q&A-64|228): My motherboard is ALiveNF6P-VSTA / ALiveNF6G-VSTA (MCP61 chipset). I'm encountering some problems with SATA HDD when installing the drivers of the motherboard under Windows® Vista™. What should I do?(4/28/2008)
Question (Q&A-62|222): I'm using 4GB system memory with Windows® Vista™ 64bit and ATi VGA card on ALiveXfire-eSATA2, I'm not able to boot into or install Windows® Vista™ 64 bit. With 3GB or less system memory, it has no problem. Is there a solution for this problem?(2/14/2008)
Question (Q&A-61|220): When using SATA Optical drive under Windows® 2000, I found the transfer speed of my SATA Optical drive is abnormal. Can you help?(1/14/2008)
Question (Q&A-61|219): I can not access my SATA ODD drives (such like: LG BD/HD Player GGC-H20L, Pioneer BDC-SB20K, Pioneer DVR-212BK…) on ALiveNF7G-HDReady under Vista™. What can I do?(1/14/2008)
Question (Q&A-60|217): My motherboard is 4Core1333-Viiv / 4Core1333-GLAN / 4Core1333-eSATA2. When I install INF driver from Motherboard Support CD, it will show below error message. Is there any way to fix this problem?
Question (Q&A-59|213): I'm using NVIDIA® AGP card under Windows® Vista™ on my 775Dual-VSTA / 4CoreDual-VSTA / 4CoreDual-SATA2. When I rate the computer's performance, the screen suddenly becomes abnormal. Why?(11/5/2007)
Question (Q&A-58|210): I want to install Windows® Vista™ 32-bit / Vista™ 64-bit OS on AM2NF3-VSTA / ALiveDual-eSATA2. Is there any point for attention?(10/2/2007)
Question (Q&A-57|208): I install Windows® Vista™/Vista™ 64bit on 4Core1333-FullHD / ALiveXFire-eSATA2 with AHCI/RAID mode. After installing the ATI Catalyst VGA driver which downloads from ATI website, the system will become abnormal while resume from Sleep or Hibernate. Is there any way to fix the problem?(9/10/2007)
Question (Q&A-51|195): I am using the ConRoeXFire-eSATA2/ 775XFire-eSATA2+/ 775XFire-eSATA2/ 775XFire-VSTA/ 775XFire-RAID motherboard. My Operating system was installed in a SATA/ SATA2 HDD with "IDE" mode. When I install the SATA2 driver (Intel® Matrix Storage Manager), system always pops an error message "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing this software". Why?
IDE mode (In BIOS setup):

SATA2 driver:

Error Message:
Question (Q&A-49|188): I am using an AMD® AM2 rev.G CPU on AM2V890-VSTA/ ALiveSATA2-GLAN. I have enabled the "Cool'n'Quiet" in BIOS setup, installed the "K8 CPU driver" from support CD and chosen the "Minimal Power Management" in OS, but the Cool'n'Quiet function still does not work. What can I do?(12/19/2006)
Question (Q&A-48|187): I have 939Dual-SATA2 / 939Dual-VSTA / 939A8X-M / K8A8X-M / K8Upgrade-1689/K8Combo-Z motherboard. When using Nvidia 7600GS/6600LE/6800GS/7800GS "AGP" card, I am not able to install the VGA card driver. How can I solve this?(11/19/2006)
Question (Q&A-47|185): During the POST, there is a number "0075" or "0078" showed at the right corner of the screen, and the system stop for a long time. What can I do?(10/20/2006)
Question (Q&A-46|184): I'm using SATA devices (Hard Drives or Optical Drives) on AM2XLI-eSATA2 (939SLI-eSATA2/939SLI32-eSATA2), but my system takes long time to boot. How do I solve it?(9/19/2006)
Question (Q&A-46|183): My system is based on 775Dual-VSTA / ALiveSATA2-GLAN / AM2V890-VSTA with Windows® XP / Windows® 2000 operating system. After updating to the latest BIOS, I found two issues.
1.I can't find the "HD Audio Driver and Application" link in the menu of support CD.
2.There is a yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager.
What could I do?(9/19/2006)
Question (Q&A-45|180): When I use Maxtor Diamond Max 17 SATAII HDD to install Windows® XP on 775i65GV / 775i65G / P4i65G / ConRoe865PE / ConRoe865GV, the first screen of Windows® XP installation takes long time and system hang up at partition HDD stage. What could I do?(8/18/2006)
Question (Q&A-45|179): My motherboard is AM2XLI-eSATA2. How do I install Windows® XP on SATA HDD in AHCI mode?(8/18/2006)
Question (Q&A-44|178): My motherboard is ConRoeXFire-eSATA2. When booting from support CD to make SATA floppy image driver disk, it stop with a message. What should I do?(7/21/2006)
Question (Q&A-44|177): I'm using a SATA HDD. My computer was running fine. But one day I turn on my computer, it keeps restarting itself after Windows® Logo page (at startup). Do you have any idea what possibility causes this?(7/21/2006)
Question (Q&A-43|175): How do I use 4 SATA HDDs to build system in RAID0 mode on K8SLI-eSATA2, 939SLI-eSATA2 and 939SLI32-eSATA2?(5/24/2006)
Question (Q&A-42|173): How do I enable Intel® Matrix Storage Manager on 775XFire-eSATA2 and 775XFire-RAID?(4/21/2006)
Question (Q&A-41|168): My motherboard is 775XFire-RAID, its SATA controller is in Intel® ICH6R. But when I install windows 2000/XP and press F6 to load the SATA driver diskette, I cannot see the items for ICH6R. What should I do?(3/20/2006)
Question (Q&A-41|167): I installed a SATA hard disk and a CD/DVD drive on 775Twins-HDTV/P4Twins-HDTV, connected the hard disk to SATA1 connector and the CD/DVD to IDE1. Enabled "ATA Combination Mode" in BIOS settings. But the motherboard could not detect the CD/DVD drive. Why?(3/20/2006)
Question (Q&A-39|163): I use two SATA HDDs to create RAID 1 (mirroring) array on K8NF4G-SATA2. After I finish setting up the array and OS installation, I remove one of the two SATA HDDs. However, when I put the SATA HDD back, it shows a warning message as below when booting up the system. What should I do?
Question (Q&A-39|162): I use a Samsung HD080HJ (P80SD) 80GB SATA II HDD on K8Upgrade-NF3. After installing Nvidia all in one driver from the support CD, it takes a little bit long time to boot into Windows® XP. How could I solve this problem?(1/16/2006)
Question (Q&A-38|158): I installed Windows XP x64 Edition on a system which is built by an Intel EM64T CPU and 4 GB memory on 775i915P-SATA2 / 775i65PE / 775V88+ / 775V88. Windows reports system memory about 3.0 - 3.5 GB. Why?(12/19/2005)
Question (Q&A-37|157): I installed a Windows XP operating system for 775Twins-HDTV in my SATA HDD. I want to duplicate my SATA HDD to another new SATA HDD by using GHOST program. After finished, the new duplicated SATA HDD cannot boot up. What should I do?(11/18/2005)
Question (Q&A-37|156): I am a K8NF4G-SATA2 / 939NF4G-SATA2 user. Is it possible that I can adjust the onboard VGA shared memory to 256MB?(11/18/2005)
Question (Q&A-37|155): When I play media files with SATA hard disk on 939A8X-M / K8A8X-M / K8Upgrade-1689 / K8COMBO-Z, the screen lags and the sound also becomes abnormal. How should I fix this problem?(11/18/2005)
Question (Q&A-36|154): I would like to use RAID functions with K8NF4G-SATA2 motherboard. When I adjust the "RAID Mode" option as "Stripe Mirroring" or "RAID 5" (picture A, B) in MediaShield Utility, the system appeared an error message "Invalid number of disks selected" (picture C, D). Why?

picture A, B.

picture C, D.
Question (Q&A-34|149): My motherboard is P4VM800/ 775VM800/ P4V88+/ 775V88+/ P4Dual-880Pro/ 775Dual-880Pro/ K8Upgrade-VM800. I used it with SATA hard drive with RAID condition under Windows XP. If I log on with a limited user account, the system will show an error (see below picture), what should I do?
Question (Q&A-33|145): My SATA HD is WD 800JD. But the HDD cannot be detected by VIA 8237/8237R based motherboards. How do I solve it?(7/15/2005)
Question (Q&A-31|140): I am a K8Upgrade-VM800 / P4VM8 / 775VM8 / P4V88+ / 775V88+ user. I found that a new option "SATA Operation Mode" was added in the latest production BIOS. What is the option for? How should I set it?(5/15/2005)
Question (Q&A-31|139): I am going to use K8 Combo-Z / 939A8X-M / K8Upgrade-1689 / K8A8X-M to build up my system. I found that there is a new option "SATA Operation Mode" was added in the latest production BIOS. What is the option for? How should I set it?(5/15/2005)
Question (Q&A-31|138): My Windows® 98SE / ME system is built by K8 Combo-Z / 939A8X-M / K8Upgrade-1689 / K8A8X-M. I found the latest released BIOS which was added a new option-SATA Operation Mode. Can I use the BIOS for my system?(5/15/2005)
Question (Q&A-29|130): I want to install onboard audio driver on my P4i45GV. However, when I executed the "Autorun" program of the support CD, I couldn't find the C-Media audio driver item in the menu. What should I do?(3/21/2005)
Question (Q&A-27|123): If I use a SATA HDD and an IDE HDD together on P4i65GV, how do I boot from SATA HDD?(1/18/2005)
Question (Q&A-27|122): My hard drives are Maxtor Diamond MAX 10 and MaxLine III SATA 250 GB and 300 GB with 16 MB cache buffer. My hard drives can not be detected correctly during the POST, what can I do?(1/18/2005)
Question (Q&A-24|116): When I install Windows XP with SATA HDD on K8 Combo-Z, I found driver logo warning messages during installation. What should I do?(10/15/2004)
Question (Q&A-21|105): I have an ASRock INTEL ICH5 south bridge based motherboard (P4i65GV, P4i48..). In BIOS setup---IDE Configuration---Onboard IDE Operate Mode, there are two options "Enhanced Mode" and "Compatible Mode". Which one should I select? What is the difference between them?(7/12/2004)
Question (Q&A-20|99): I have installed 1 SATA HDD and 1 IDE HDD (or SCSI card with SCSI HDD) on my P4i48 motherboard, how can I select IDE HDD (or SCSI HDD) in the Boot Device Priority?(6/11/2004)
Question (Q&A-20|102): Why is my 4GB of memory reported as about 3.5GB by the system if the chipset of the motherboard support to 4GB Memory size?(6/11/2004)
Question (Q&A-20|100): I have an Intel ICH5 chipset based motherboard. I found that my SATA hard drive is not recognized under Linux. What should I do?(6/11/2004)
Question (Q&A-19|96): My hard drive is 160 GB, when I install Windows 2000 or Windows XP, I can only see 137 GB. However, when I install this 160 GB hard drive on the ATA 133 RAID card, I can use whole 160 GB. What's wrong?(5/15/2004)
Question (Q&A-17|85): When I try to create the SATA driver floppy diskette for my K7S8XE+ / P4S55FX+, the free DOS program seems stop with unknown reason. What should I do now?(3/15/2004)
Question (Q&A-16|83): When I play some video or audio media files through my IDE optical devices (CD-ROM and DVD-ROM). I feel that the video/audio playback is not smooth. What should I do?(2/17/2004)
Question (Q&A-15|79): My motherboard is K7S8XE+. There are error messages appeared when I am making the SATA driver diskette. What should I do?(1/14/2004)
Question (Q&A-14|77): I want to use the hot plug feature with my SATA HDD. What requirements do I need to know?(12/12/2003)
Question (Q&A-14|76): When I install Windows XP with SATA HDD on K7S8XE+, I found driver logo warning messages during installation. What should I do?(12/12/2003)
Question (Q&A-13|67): I'm using Intel chipset based motherboard. After installing Win98SE and all drivers, the data transfer rate from IDE devices (HDD or CDROM) seems not fast enough. Is there any thing I can do?(11/14/2003)
Question (Q&A-13|70): When I try to create my K7S8XE+ SATA driver diskette and boot up with the driver CD, the system locks up. What should I do now?(11/14/2003)
Question (Q&A-13|69): In the beginning of P4VT8 SATA driver diskette creating process, my USB keyboard seems doesn't work. What should I do?(11/14/2003)