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Question (Q&A-16|83): When I play some video or audio media files through my IDE optical devices (CD-ROM and DVD-ROM). I feel that the video/audio playback is not smooth. What should I do?(2/17/2004)
Answer:It might be that the CDROM is transferring in PIO mode instead of DMA mode. It is highly recommended to enable the DMA function of your IDE optical devices (CD-ROM or DVD-ROM) in order to reduce the CPU loading when accessing optical discs. Please follow the bellow procedure to enable DMA mode.

In Windows 2000/XP, assuming that your IDE optical device is connected on secondary IDE channel as master drive,
  1. Right click the "My computer" icon, select "Properties". Then, select "Hardware"----"Device Manager".

  2. In "Device Manager", select "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers"----double click "Secondary IDE Channel".

  3. In "Secondary IDE Channel Properties", select "Advance Settings" and adjust the "Transfer Mode" of the CDROM (Device 0) from "PIO Only" to "DMA if available".

  4. Click "OK".
In Windows 98SE/ME,
  1. Right click the "My computer" icon, select "Properties". Then, select "Device Manager".

  2. In "Device Manager", double click "CDROM". Then, double click your optical device under "CDROM".

  3. In the new window which displays the optical device properties, select "Settings". Then, check the "DMA" box in "Options".

  4. Click "OK".
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