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Question (Q&A-56|205): I am using the onboard VGA of A780FullDisplayPort or ATi Radeon HD 2xxx/3xxx series PCIE card. Every time I run the 3DMARK or PCMARK, it always freezes during the splash-screen. It does not work at all. How do I fix it?(8/3/2007)
Answer:This is a compatibility issue of ATi Radeon HD 2xxx/3xxx PCIE card and 3DMARK/ PCMARK program.
Futuremark provides 2 solutions for this issue as follows.
Solution 1: Add the command line –nosysteminfo into the target of 3DMARK / PCMARK's shortcut.

Solution 2: Rename the "Direcpll.dll" file to something else. (Found in C:\WINDOWS\system32\Futuremark\MSC\Direcpll.dll)

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