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Reparación / RMA

Repair / RMA (RMA Policy)
»For Authorized Distributors Only:


»End users or indirect customer:

Thank you for choosing ASRock Motherboard. Due to the unique configuration of each computer, we recommend you to contact your dealer for technical support. If you would like contact us for technical support. Please send us an email and give us a detail discription of the problem alone with the following information.

  • CPU/Processor (Brand,Speed, FSB,Cache Size)
  • Memory (Speed, Capacity, Brand)
  • Video Card (Brand, Model, Memory size)
  • Operating System (Loaded service pack and driver)
  • Hard Drive (Brand, Model, Capacity)
  • Other Device (Brand, Model) * If necessary

*Additional system configuration information may require.

ASRock provide 1 year warranty service to Authorized Distributor, users should refer to the retailer or original vender RMA & Refund policy. If experiencing difficulties in warranty service through your dealer or place of purchase, ASRock will attempt to resolve this issue. For the motherboard that out of warranty, there is a $35.00 service charge + shipping for each item. ASRock America will only provide warranty service to ASRock products purchased within North America.

BIOS $15.00 + shipping
ASRock CD $5.00 + shipping
ASRock I/O Panel $5.00 + shipping

»ASRock Service Center (Brasil)

RMA Service: Email: