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Latest Beta BIOS Update

B365 Phantom Gaming 44.413/30/2023Optimize NVME SSD compatibility.Download
B365 Pro44.413/30/2023Optimize NVME SSD compatibility.Download
B365M Phantom Gaming 44.313/30/2023Optimize NVME SSD compatibility.Download
B365M Pro44.513/30/2023Optimize NVME SSD compatibility.Download
B365M Pro4-F1.313/30/2023Optimize NVME SSD compatibility.Download
B365M-HDV4.413/30/2023Optimize NVME SSD compatibility.Download
B365M-ITX/ac4.513/30/2023Optimize NVME SSD compatibility.Download
X300M-STX1.80C3/27/2023Update AGESADownload
H310CM-HDV4.30G3/3/2023Add setup item "C.A.M. (Clever Access Memory)"Download
B360 Pro44.30C2/1/2023Add setup item "C.A.M. (Clever Access Memory)"Download
B365M Phantom Gaming 44.30F2/1/2023Add setup item "C.A.M. (Clever Access Memory)"Download
H310M-HDV4.20A1/16/2023Add setup item "C.A.M. (Clever Access Memory)"Download
C621A WS1.271/13/2023Optimize system stability.Download
X299 Extreme42.00C11/29/2022Add setup item "C.A.M. (Clever Access Memory)"Download
X370M Pro4-F7.0011/18/2022Bridge BIOS for 7.03

*This BIOS doesn't support Bristol Ridge CPU, do NOT update this BIOS if Bristol Ridge CPU is being used.
**User will not able to flash previous BIOS once upgrading to this BIOS version
X670E Taichi1.11.AS0611/10/20221. Add High Voltage Mode for VDDIO.
2. Optimize system stability.
X670E Taichi Carrara1.11.AS0611/10/20221. Add High Voltage Mode for VDDIO.
2. Optimize system stability.
X300M-STX1.80A11/9/2022Update AMD AM4 AGESA ComboBIOSv2 PI
B650 PG Lightning1.11.AS0311/7/2022Enhance S3 mode.Download
B650 Pro RS1.11.AS0311/7/2022Enhance S3 mode.Download
B650E PG Riptide WiFi1.11.AS0311/7/2022Enhance S3 mode.Download
B650E Steel Legend WiFi1.11.AS0311/7/2022Enhance S3 mode.Download
B650E Taichi1.11.AS0311/7/2022Enhance S3 mode.Download
B650M PG Riptide1.11.AS0311/7/2022Enhance S3 mode.Download
B650M PG Riptide WiFi1.11.AS0311/7/2022Enhance S3 mode.Download
B650 LiveMixer1.11.AS0311/4/2022Enhance S3 mode.Download
B650E PG-ITX WiFi1.11.AS0311/4/2022Enhance S3 mode.Download
X670E PG Lightning1.11.AS0311/4/2022Enhance S3 mode.Download