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Repair / RMA

Repair / RMA (For USA) (RMA Policy)

»For USA Authorized Distributors Only


»End users or indirect customer:

Thank you for choosing ASRock Motherboard. Due to the unique configuration of each computer, we recommend you to contact your dealer for technical support. If you would like contact us for technical support. Please send us an email to and give us a detailed discription of the problem along with the following information.

  1. Motherboard Model Name. Please refer to below link to check the model name of M/B.
  2. CPU/Processor (Brand,Speed, FSB,Cache Size)
  3. Memory (Speed, Capacity, Brand)
  4. Video Card (Brand, Model, Memory size)
  5. Operating System (Loaded service pack and driver)
  6. Hard Drive (Brand, Model, Capacity)
  7. Other Device (Brand, Model) * If necessary
  8. *Additional system configuration information may require.

    ASRock provide 1 year warranty service to Authorized Distributor, users should refer to the retailer or original vender RMA & Refund policy. If experiencing difficulties in warranty service through your dealer or place of purchase, ASRock will attempt to resolve this issue. For the motherboard that out of warranty, there is a service charge depend on the model + shipping for each item. ASRock America will only provide warranty service to ASRock products purchased within North America.

    BIOS $15.00 + shipping
    ASRock CD $8.00 + shipping
    ASRock I/O Panel $8.00 + shipping

    Warranty Coverage and CID Condition Guideline.

    »What is CID (Customer Induced Damage)?

    CID (Customer Induced Damage) is any damage due to an unintentional act that is not the direct result of a manufacturing defect or failure, and is therefore not covered under the product warranty of the ASRock. Such damage is most often the result of a drop, improper installation or an impact to the product or any other part of the product which may render the device non-functional.

    Is the CID condition covered under the Product Warranty for my ASRock product?

    No, all CID condition product will be treated as Out of Warranty and will be return to the customer as it is.

    The circumstances such as:
    (a) Improper Installation, Connection, or Modification: Damage caused by failing to follow the correct installation instructions, improper connection of the product to other devices, or modifications.
    (b) Damage resulting from war, terrorism, fire, accidents, natural disasters, intentional misuse, abuse, neglect, improper maintenance, abnormal use conditions, obsolescence, rust, cosmetic changes, wear and tear, or gradual deterioration.
    (c) Malicious Acts: Damage caused by fraud, theft, unexplained disappearance, or deliberate actions.
    (d) Cosmetic Damage: Accidental or other damage that does not affect the product's functionality or operation.
    (e) Electrical Faults: Damage caused by external electrical issues, including incorrect power supply or accidents.
    (f) Liquid or Moisture Damage: Damage caused by exposure to liquids, moisture, or high humidity.

    Repair/RMA in India- TVS ELECTRONICS LTD

    Dear Valued Customers,
    If you would like to contact ASRock for warranty support, please click here for

    The warranty service of ASRock in India will be entrusted to TVS ELECTRONICS LTD since July 12.
    List of collection point [.pdf]
    Contact list for repair and warranty issue:


    Region Name Email Phone number
    North Abhishek 7982297017
    West Rubina 9999642628
    South Rajkumar K 8122579590
    East Amitabha 9903385758

    Aforeserve.Com Ltd
    Tel:+91 9319332578
    Contact: Ms. Sonia