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CPU Support List

FamilyModelCoreFrequencyCacheCPU Rev.Power
Ryzen 55600(100-000000927)Vermeer3.5GHz3MB65W

Support Models

SocketChipsetCPU Support ListSupport BIOS
AM4AMD X570X570 AQUAP3.70
AM4AMD X570X570 CreatorP3.50
AM4AMD X570X570 Taichi Razer EditionP1.70
AM4AMD X570X570 TaichiP4.80
AM4AMD X570X570 Extreme4 WiFi axP3.80
AM4AMD X570X570 Extreme4P3.80
AM4AMD X570X570 Pro4P4.30
AM4AMD X570X570M Pro4P3.70
AM4AMD X570X570 Steel Legend WiFi axP3.90
AM4AMD X570X570 Steel LegendP3.90
AM4AMD X570X570 PG VelocitaP2.00
AM4AMD X570X570S PG RiptideP1.50
AM4AMD X570X570 Phantom Gaming XP4.40
AM4AMD X570X570 Phantom Gaming 4 WiFi axP4.30
AM4AMD X570X570 Phantom Gaming 4SP4.10
AM4AMD X570X570 Phantom Gaming 4P4.30
AM4AMD X570X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3P3.50
AM4AMD B550B550 Taichi Razer EditionP2.10
AM4AMD B550B550 TaichiP2.10
AM4AMD B550B550 Extreme4P2.20
AM4AMD B550B550 Steel LegendP2.20
AM4AMD B550B550 Pro4P2.20
AM4AMD B550B550 PG VelocitaP2.20
AM4AMD B550B550 PG RiptideP1.40
AM4AMD B550B550 Phantom Gaming 4/acP2.20
AM4AMD B550B550 Phantom Gaming 4P2.20
AM4AMD B550B550 Phantom Gaming-ITX/axP2.30
AM4AMD B550B550M Steel LegendP2.30
AM4AMD B550B550M PG RiptideP1.20
AM4AMD B550B550M Phantom Gaming 4P1.90
AM4AMD B550B550M Pro RSP3.40
AM4AMD PRO565B550M Pro SEP2.90
AM4AMD B550B550M Pro4P2.30
AM4AMD B550B550M/acP2.30
AM4AMD PRO565B550M WiFi SEP3.00
AM4AMD B550B550M-HDVP2.10
AM4AMD B550B550M-ITX/acP1.90
AM4AMD A520A520M Pro4P1.80
AM4AMD A520A520M Phantom Gaming 4P1.60
AM4AMD A520A520M-HVSP2.10
AM4AMD A520A520M-HDVP2.10
AM4AMD A520A520M-HDVPP1.80
AM4AMD A520A520M-HDVP R2.0P2.70
AM4AMD A520A520M/acP2.10
AM4AMD A520A520M-ITX/acP1.90
AM4AMD X470X470 Taichi UltimateP4.70
AM4AMD X470X470 TaichiP4.70
AM4AMD X470X470 Master SLI/acP4.40
AM4AMD X470X470 Master SLIP4.40
AM4AMD X470Fatal1ty X470 Gaming K4P4.40
AM4AMD X470Fatal1ty X470 Gaming-ITX/acP4.50
AM4AMD B450B450 Steel LegendP4.30
AM4AMD B450B450M Steel LegendP4.30
AM4AMD B450Fatal1ty B450 Gaming K4P5.30
AM4AMD B450Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/acP4.80
AM4AMD B450B450 Pro4 R2.0P5.30
AM4AMD B450B450M Pro4 R2.0P5.40
AM4AMD B450B450M Pro4P5.30
AM4AMD B450B450M/ac R2.0P2.90
AM4AMD B450B450M/acP2.70
AM4AMD B450B450M Pro4-FP2.80
AM4AMD B450B450M-HDV R4.0P4.90
AM4AMD B450B450M-HDVP4.40
AM4AMD X370X370 TaichiP7.10
AM4AMD X370X370 Killer SLI/acP7.10
AM4AMD X370X370 Killer SLIP7.30
AM4AMD X370Fatal1ty X370 Professional GamingP7.30
AM4AMD X370Fatal1ty X370 Gaming K4P7.30
AM4AMD X370Fatal1ty X370 Gaming XP7.30
AM4AMD X370Fatal1ty X370 Gaming-ITX/acP7.20
AM4AMD X370X370M Pro4 R2.0P7.30
AM4AMD X370X370M Pro4P7.30
AM4AMD X370X370M-HDV R4.0P7.20
AM4AMD X370X370M-HDVP7.10
AM4AMD X370X370MP7.20
AM4AMD B350AB350 Pro4P7.40
AM4AMD B350AB350M Pro4 R2.0P7.40
AM4AMD B350AB350M Pro4-FP7.40
AM4AMD B350AB350M Pro4P7.20
AM4AMD B350AB350MP7.20
AM4AMD B350AB350M-HDV R4.0P7.40
AM4AMD B350AB350M-HDV R3.0P7.40
AM4AMD B350AB350M-HDVP7.30
AM4AMD B350Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4P7.40
AM4AMD A320A320M Pro4 R2.0P7.20
AM4AMD A320A320M Pro4-FP7.20
AM4AMD A320A320M Pro4P7.40
AM4AMD A320A320M-DVS R4.0P7.10
AM4AMD A320A320M-DVS R3.0P7.10
AM4AMD A320A320M-DGSP7.30
AM4AMD A320A320M-HDV R4.0P7.10
AM4AMD A320A320M-HDV R3.0P7.10
AM4AMD A320A320M-HDVP7.30
AM4AMD A320A320M-ITXP7.10