System Performance Comparison Between UCC Enabled and Disabled

Model890GX Extreme3
ChipsetAMD 890GX
CPUAMD Phenom II x2 545
RAMCruical DDR3 1333 2Gx2
With UCCWithout UCCPerformance Boost
CPU & Memory Performance Test
Sandra 09 - CPU Aggregate Arithmetic Performance40.3519.9102.76%
Sandra 09 - CPU Dhrystone4120.14103.57%
Sandra 09 - Aggregate Multi-media Performance84.8342101.98%
Sandra 09 - Multi-media Int118.4858.3103.22%
System Performance Test
PCMark 2005 PCMark score7665617924.05%
PCMark 2005 CPU Score9092719526.37%
Video File Format Transfer2225435594.59%

Video File Format Transfer (The Less the better!)

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