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Debug LED Troubleshooting Checklist 

The codes that you see are status codes. It is normal to see several codes during the POST.
If the system always freezes at a specific code, this code can be used for troubleshooting.
Please refer to the following table for the codes and the suggested action.

Debug CodeDescription
00 - 19
D0 - D3
Please check if the CPU is installed correctly and then clear the CMOS.
31 - 3B
51 - 55
Problem related to CPU and memory.
Please clear the CMOS. Re-install the CPU and memory.
D4 - D5PCI resource allocation error. Out of Resources.
92 - 97
The graphics card or iGPU could not be recognized. Please clear CMOS and try re-installing the graphics card. If the problem still exists, please try installing the graphics card in other slots or try other graphics cards.
D7The keyboard and mouse could not be recognized. Please try re-installing the keyboard and mouse.
D8Invalid password
9A - 9DProblem related to USB devices. Please try removing all USB devices.
E8 - EBS3 Resume failed (S3=Sleep)
03System is entering S3 state (S3=Sleep)
04System is entering S4 state (S4=Hibernate)
05System is entering S5 state (S5=Soft power off)
30System is waking up from S3 state (S3=Sleep)
40System is waking up from S4 state (S4=Hibernate)
AASystem is entering OS