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Question (Q&A-125|415): How to write MAC address of your motherboard?(6/1/2016)
Question (Q&A-73|250): I can not virtual 64bit OS, when I adopt AMD® CPU with Sun's xVM virtual Box software. How can I do?(6/25/2009)
Question (Q&A-55|203): I use an external USB HDD on ALiveNF7G-HD720P/ALiveNF7G-HDready. I feel that the speed of USB is slower. Is there any method to improve it?(6/25/2007)
Question (Q&A-49|189): I have AM2NF6G-VSTA/ALiveNF6G-DVI motherboard. The onboard LAN does not work properly under Windows® Vista™. How can I solve this?(12/19/2006)
Question (Q&A-26|119): My motherboards are K7VT4A+ and K7VM3. During the POST, it shows "Mac address are invalid in both CMOS and DMI. Press F1 to resume". What should I do?(12/15/2004)
Question (Q&A-18|93): My ASRock motherboard can support Prescott CPU. If I want to use Prescott CPU, is there anything I need to notice?(4/15/2004)
Question (Q&A-18|89): My on-board LAN is not working, I found that the MAC address of my on-board LAN is 00-00-00-00-00-00 or FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF. What's wrong?(4/15/2004)