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MAC Tool Download

UtiltyVersionOS PlatformSizeDescriptionDownload
MAC Address Writer 1.61B DOS 17.7MB Write MAC address of your motherboard.
MAC Address Writer 1.17F DOS 4.0MB Write MAC address of your motherboard.(for early models)
MAC Address Writer 2.07A DOS 19.3MB Write MAC address of your motherboard.
MAC Address Writer 2.16B DOS 19.6MB Write MAC address of your motherboard.
How to Write MAC Address of Your Motherboard
Please open the chassis and you can find a white sticker at the edge of board with 12-digit MAC ID.
Then extract the tool to a MS-DOS bootable USB flash drive and boot to the stick, key in as follow:
C:\>mac c [mac ID] <enter>
If it runs successfully, it will go back to driver letter with MAC information without error like below:

*For early models, please flash the MAC address with MAC Address Writer V1.17F.
**For models with dual LAN please enter both MAC addresses, with a space in between: C:\>mac c [mac ID1] [mac ID2]
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