Fatal1ty Story

Who knew that at age 18, I would be a World Champion PC gamer. When I was younger, I actually played a lot of sports at a very competitive level. I dreamed of making it as a professional sportsman, but never realized that it would be as a professional gamer.


I started professional gaming in 1999 when I entered the CPL (Cyberathlete Professional League) tournament in Dallas and won $4,000 for coming in third place.
Emerging as one of the top players in the United States, a company interested in sponsoring me flew me to Sweden to compete against the top 12 players in the world. I won 18 straight games, losing zero, and took first place, becoming the number one ranked Quake III player in the world in the process. Two months later I followed that success by traveling to Dallas and defending my title as world champion Quake III player, winning the $40,000 grand prize. From there I entered competitions all over the world, including Singapore, Korea, Germany, Australia, Holland and Brazil in addition to Los Angeles, New York and St. Louis.


I was excited to showcase my true gaming skills when defending my title as CPL Champion of the year at the CPL Winter 2001 because I would be competing in a totally different first person shooter (FPS) game, Aliens vs. Predator II. I won that competition and walked away with a new car. The next year I won the same title playing Unreal Tournament 2003, becoming the only three-time CPL champion of the year and appearing on MTV's True Life: I'm a Gamer. Also I did this playing a different game each year, something no one else has ever done, a feat of which I am extremely proud.

Since then I have traveled the globe to compete against the best in the world, winning prizes and acclaim in the games Doom 3 and Painkiller. A highlight was the 2005 CPL World Tour Championship in New York City where I won $150,000 first place prize.

In August 2007, I was honored to receive the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award in the four year history of the eSports-Award for "showing exceptional sportsmanship, taking part in shaping eSports into what it is today and for being the prime representative of this young sport. He has become the figurehead for eSports worldwide".


As a "Professional Cyberathlete" I have been promoting the sport of gaming with lots of International media coverage on outlets such as MTV, ESPN, FOX and 60 Minutes on CBS to name only a few. It has been great meeting gamers from all over the world and working with them to help make professional gaming a reality.


Now, another dream is being realized – my goal to create professoinal gaming products to help enhance the gamers experience playing at the highest possible level. Quality hardware makes a huge difference in the gaming experience… more frames per second could determine the outcome of a battle.

My vision for the Fatal1ty Brand is to allow gamers to focus on the game without worrying about their equipment, something I've preached since I began competing.
I don't want to worry about my equipment. I want to know I won and not my equipment that lost. I want it to be the fastest and most stable computer equipment on the face of the planet, so quality and performance is what Fatal1ty Brand products represent.

Johnathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel 12x World Champion Gamer



CPU Power
Hi-Density Power Connector
Hi-Density Power Connectors can reduce 23% power loss and decrease the power connector's temperature up to 22℃.
Dual-Stack MOSFET
By stacking two dies into one MOSFET, DSM provides larger die area and lower Rds(on), so the power supply for the CPU Vcore is more efficient.
Multi Filter Caps
With the combined power of three kinds of capacitors, MFC allows users to overclock their PC rig to extreme levels without worrying about the hardware components.


15μ Gold Finger
Fatal1ty ASRock Motherboard Series provides 15μ gold components within the VGA PCIe slot for delivering triple performance than usual.
SLI/CrossFireX Power Connector
The additional four pin SLI/CrossFireX Power Connector provides more juice and stability for graphics cards.


Intel LAN
Intel Gigabit LAN provides better performance, lower CPU utilization and enhances the stability of internet connections.

Qualcomm Atheros Killer™ LAN
Identify and accelerate traffic to your game, Killer LAN delivers fast networking with a new level of online gaming performance.


Creative SoundCore 3D
The onboard Creative SoundCore 3D quad-core sound and voice processor brings truly immersive audio experiences to your ears.
Purity Sound™
Purity Sound™ is a combination of several hardware, software audio solutions and technologies that will satisfy even the pickiest audiophiles.

Heat Pipe Design
Using the best materials for heat dissipation to keep your whole system ultra cool.
2oz Copper PCB
When overclocking, the 2 ounces of copper inner layers deliver lower temperature and higher energy efficiency.
Gaming Armor features may vary by different models.


Key Master consists of two major features, Sniper Key and Macro Key. It enhances your mouse and keyboard with customizable macros, sniper modes, key repeat rates and repeat delay.
Sniper Key Use Sniper Key to shift the mouse speed when you're in sniper mode, it will greatly sharpen your accuracy.
Macro Key Create your own set of keyboard hotkeys and macros with Macro Key to save the trouble.
  Without Sniper Key With Sniper Key

XSplit Broadcaster is a desktop application designed to make your multimedia broadcasting, live-streaming and recording a lot easier and more fun. We are giving the 3 month premium license for FREE! A US$24.95 value! 
Broadcast Platform Broadcast Software Broadcasting!

  Fatal1ty Mouse Port   F-Stream

After plugging a USB mouse into the Fatal1ty Mouse Port and running F-Stream, gamers can adjust their own preferred mouse polling rate from 125 Hz to 1000 Hz.

F-Stream is Fatal1ty's multi purpose software suite with a new interface, more new features and improved utilities, including XFast RAM, OC Tweaker and a whole lot more.




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