What good is a weapon if you are unable to wield it proficiently? Key Master consists of two major features, Sniper Key and Macro Key. It can enhance your mouse and keyboard with customizable macros, sniper modes, key repeat rates and repeat delay, turning your boring old keyboard and mouse into lethal weapons. Key Master may be prohibited by some games. We suggest disabling Key Master if it violates the game's end user license agreement.

Macro Key Tired of those repetitive keystrokes? Create your own set of keyboard hotkeys and macros with Macro Key to save the trouble.
Sniper Key Use Sniper Key to shift the mouse speed when you're in sniper mode, it will greatly sharpen your accuracy.
Mouse Track
  Without Sniper Key With Sniper Key
Creating a Macro:
  1. Click “New”, type a name for the macro then click “Save”.
  2. Input keystrokes and mouse movement then click “Save”.
  3. Assign a Hotkey for your Macro, then click “Apply” and toggle the switch to “ON”.
Quick Access for an App:
  1. Browse an App for Quick Access and type a name.
  2. Assign a Hotkey, then click “Apply” and toggle the switch to “ON”.
Setting Sniper Key:
  1. Configure the mouse speed for sniper mode and default mode.
  2. Assign a Hotkey for sniper mode, then click “Apply” and toggle the switch to “ON”.
Setting Keyboard Speed and Delay:
  Configure Keyboard Speed and Delay then click “Apply”.
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