How to Write MAC Address of Your Motherboard

How to Write MAC Address of Your Motherboard
  1. Check the MAC address label on your motherboard.
    The MAC address , composed of 12 numbers and letters, is printed in black on a white sticker with barcode. Please refer to the following picture.
  2. Download the MAC tool from ASRock website and extract the files.
  3. Save the MAC tool to a DOS-bootable USB flash drive.
  4. Reboot your system and press the F11 hotkey on the keyboard during POST to boot into the USB flash drive.
  5. Key in the command “mac c [MAC address]” and press Enter.
    The system will re-flash the MAC address automatically.
    *If your motherboard supports dual LAN, please key in “mac c [MAC address] [MAC address]”.

    After application is finished, please refer to below steps to check the MAC address in Windows.
    Computer → Control panel → Network and internet → View network status and tasks → Local area connection → Details → Physical address