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CPU Support List

CeleronG3930TEKaby Lake2.7GHz2MB35W

Support Models

SocketChipsetCPU Support ListSupport BIOS
1151Intel H110H110 Pro BTC+All
1151Intel H110H110M-HG4P7.10
1151Intel H110H110M-HDV R3.0P1.10
1151Intel H110H110M-HDVP7.10
1151Intel H110H110M-HDV/D3P7.00
1151Intel H110H110M-HDVPP7.00
1151Intel H110H110M-HDVP2P7.00
1151Intel H110H110M-HDS R3.0P1.10
1151Intel H110H110M-HDSP7.30
1151Intel H110H110M-ITX/acP7.00
1151Intel H110H110M-ITXP7.00
1151Intel H110H110M-ITX/D3P7.00
1151Intel H110H110M-IP7.10
1151Intel H110H110M-DS/HyperP7.10
1151Intel H110H110M-DGS R3.0P1.10
1151Intel H110H110M-DGS R2.0P7.10
1151Intel H110H110M-DGSP7.10
1151Intel H110H110M-DGS/D3P7.00
1151Intel H110H110M-DVPP7.00
1151Intel H110H110M-DVS R3.0P1.10
1151Intel H110H110M-DVS R2.0P7.30
1151Intel H110H110M-DVS/D3P7.00
1151Intel H110H110M-G/M.2All
1151Intel H110H110M-GL/D3P7.00
1151Intel H110H110M-PIOP7.10
1151Intel H110H110M-STXP1.50
1151Intel H110H110M Combo-GP7.00
1151Intel H110H110TM-ITX R2.0P1.10
1151Intel H110H110TM-ITXP7.10