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ASRock AM5 Motherboards Ready to Support Next Generation AMD Ryzen™ Series Processors

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TAIPEI, Taiwan, April 25, 2024 — ASRock Technology, a global leader in motherboard manufacturing, today announced the release of the latest AGESA beta BIOS for AM5 motherboards, enabling support for next-generation Ryzen™ processors. ASRock AM5 motherboard lineup can now support next-generation AMD Ryzen™ processors with the installation of the latest new AGESA beta BIOS, significantly improving processor compatibility and providing users of ASRock AM5 motherboards with enhanced Ryzen™ processor support.

Users can easily update to the latest AGESA beta BIOS through ASRock official website or using features like BIOS Flashback and Instant Flash. ASRock recommends that users update to the latest BIOS version as soon as possible to achieve better compatibility and system performance. The official version is expected to be released later, so please stay tuned to the ASRock official website for the latest updates.

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