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180Hz Awesomeness: ASRock Unveils New 180Hz Gaming Monitor Series - PG27QFT2A and PG27QFT1B

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TAIPEI, Taiwan, April 16th, 2024 - ASRock, the global leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, mini PCs and gaming monitors, today announced the launch of a brand new generation of gaming monitors with a high refresh rate of 180Hz. The initial models released are the highly anticipated PG27QFT2A and PG27QFT1B, featuring 27-inch QHD high-resolution IPS panels combined with 180Hz high refresh rate technology. This delivers incredibly smooth visuals, catering to responsive gaming experiences and keeping players one step ahead in their games!

180Hz Awesomeness: ASRock Unveils New 180Hz Gaming Monitor Series - PG27QFT2A and PG27QFT1B

Breakthrough 180Hz High Refresh Rate

Not just fast, but faster than ever! The ASRock Phantom Gaming 180Hz gaming monitor series is set to unleash a wave of speed, boasting a 25% increase in speed compared to conventional 144Hz gaming monitors. This significant leap reduces motion blur and screen tearing, offering a highly clear and smooth visual experience. More than just dominating the gaming world, high refresh rate monitors are also perfect companions for creators. With seamless screen performance, they elevate the editing and content creation experience for film editors, content creators, and beyond.

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Clear and Vivid Visual Image Performance

Both PG27QFT2A and PG27QFT1B feature QHD resolution screens, delivering images with remarkable clarity and detail. They are equipped with VESA DisplayHDR™ 400-certified display technology, which brings vivid and lifelike colors to life, immersing users in stunningly realistic visuals.

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Exclusive Integrated Wi-Fi Antenna

Phantom Gaming incorporates ingenious design elements into its stand. The PG27QFT2A is equipped with an exclusive built-in Wi-Fi antenna that supports the latest Wi-Fi 7 connection, boasting a transmission speed 480% faster than the previous generation Wi-Fi 6E. Simply connect the antenna to your personal computer to ensure that Wi-Fi signals are not obstructed or interfered with by desktop clutter. With a peak gain of up to 7dBi, this antenna guarantees faster and more reliable signal connections. Not only does it provide gamers with smooth, latency-free gaming experiences, but it also ensures users enjoy a stable network environment.

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*Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

For more information, please visit:

Phantom Gaming® PG27QFT2A Gaming Monitor
Phantom Gaming® PG27QFT1B Gaming Monitor