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ASRock Z170M OC Formula Reaches 7025.66 MHz with Intel® Core i7 6700K

TAIPEI, Taiwan, April 1, 2016 – Unless you are caught in a PC system arms race, most motherboards do not necessarily need over the top specifications, especially when you're competition is against the one smirking back at you in the mirror. At this point, forget all of the fancy yet impractical features, abandon those superficial so called designs, and look no further than ASRock Z170M OC Formula – the secret formula to excel yourself in overclocking.

Z170M OC Formula Product Photo

Just recently this miniature sized motherboard proved that smaller size doesn't necessarily mean inferior performance. Contradictorily, by pairing ASRock Z170M OC Formula with an Intel® Core i7 6700K processor, the masterful overclocker John Lam hit an unprecedented 7025.66 MHz! Currently ranking number one for the highest frequency with a Core i7 6700K CPU on HWBOT.

CPU Speed Screenshot

As the name suggests, ASRock Z170M OC Formula is an mATX sized Skylake motherboard specially built for extreme overclocking. Akin to its bigger brother ASRock Z170 OC Formula, which is also designed by the legendary overclocker Nick Shih, this one is a revamp to make it more compact for clearer signals. Plus several hardware enhancements, such as the ten layer PCB that immensely improves the memory signals, ASRock CPU Cold Bug Killer that prevents the system from crashing under liquid nitrogen's extremely low temperatures. And of course, the regular list of features dubbed OC Formula Kits, the Super Alloy feature set, also an IR PowIRStage PWM, Hyper BCLK Engine, and so on.

Born To Be Fast

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