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ASRock UTX-110: Slim Smart and Powerful!

TAIPEI, Taiwan, October 1, 2014 – The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging trend for the embedded market. Therefore, ASRock's industrial division introduces a compact and slim type of UTX form factor (4.4"x4.6") to help system integrator customers jump on this tremendous bandwagon of opportunities.

UTX-100 Photo 1

The UTX-110 is equipped with the fourth generation Intel® Atom™ E3800 processor family, a system-on-chip (SoC) formerly codenamed "Bay Trail." The new Intel® Atom™ processor E3800 product family brings enhanced stereoscopic 3D capabilities, high-resolution graphics, data integrity, and reliability to meet intelligent system's requirements. These processors are designed for intelligent systems and applications with low power consumption, high performance and fan less operation requirements for various intelligent systems, including IoT gateways, kiosks, vending machines, entry-level POS & ATMs, automotives, retails, medical, security, surveillance, and in-vehicle infotainment.

UTX-110's main features are as shown below:

  • Intel® Atom Bay Trail E3800 Processor Family SoC E3845/E3826 (default)/E3815
  • One DDR3L Single Channel 1066/1333MHz up to 4/8G
  • VGA/LVDS/HDMI Support Dual Display
  • 2 x Intel® 210 Gigabit LAN
  • 2 COM Ports
  • 3 USB Ports -1*USB3.0/ 2*USB2.0
  • Built-in Full Size/half Size PCIe x1 Expansion Slot for Wi-Fi Modules and mSATA Storages
  • DC Jack +12V
  • Design for Ultra Thin Fan Less System Motherboards
  • CPU on Soldered Side for Superior Heat Dissipation

ASRock's industrial division specializes in industrial motherboard designs. If you need an even smaller or any custom form factor platform with low power consumption, please feel free to contact your account manager.

UTX-100 Photo 2UTX-100 Photo 3
Length: 113.76mm (4.4 inches) / Width: 116.84mm (4.6 inches)

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