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Snowy with Style! ASRock Launches All-White Motherboards

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ASRock launches the company's first all-white motherboard available on both Intel® & AMD platform, and the exciting thing is, this design is not limited to just high-end product, the first three motherboards to have this brand new outfit will be B760M-HDV/M.2 & H610M-HDV/M.2+ D5 from Intel, as for the AMD side we have B550M Pro SE. Looking good is no longer a privilege to expensive motherboards, for the first time stylish budget friendly product has become a new trend of DIY.

Snowy with Style! ASRock Launches All-White Motherboards

Besides the brand new outfit, the functionality has been upgraded too, new Dragon 2.5G Lan and DDR5 memory support on selected models gives the new motherboard a boost of performance, all three motherboards are compatible with NVMe M.2 storage devises and most importantly, RGB LED header is available for stunning yet creative PC builds.

Snowy with Style! ASRock Launches All-White Motherboards

Product Information:
H610M-HDV/M.2+ D5:
B550M Pro SE: