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ASRock Z690 AQUA OC Breaks World Records

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TAIPEI, Taiwan, November 4th, 2021 –The leading global motherboard, graphics card and mini PC manufacturer, ASRock, is proud to announce that by using ASRock Z690 AQUA OC motherboard, the global famous overclocker, Splave, has broken world records with 12th Gen Intel® Core processors.

ASRock Z690 AQUA OC Breaks World Records

DDR5 8230Mhz

Single ThreadScoreMHzRecord Type
PiFast7.987342World Record
Geekbech4 Single126517325World Record
Geekbench5 Single28247200World Record
Geekbench3 Single111347200World Record

8Core16ThreadScoreMHzRecord Type
7Zip1435436967Global 8X Gold
XTU2.092976930Global 8X Gold
GeekBench5200446930Global 8X Gold
GeekBench4755566930Global 8X Gold
GeekBench3825026930Global 8X Gold
R11.5825026969Global 8X Gold
R1542176955Global 8X Gold
R20110526920Global 8X Gold
R23286726900Global 8X Gold
X265 1080P119.8946920Global 8X Gold
X265 4K29.1966920Global 8X Gold
Wprime 102438.7327000Global 8X Gold
YCruncher20.2546933Global 8X Gold

16Core24ThreadScoreMHzRecord Type
XTU2.0135646900Global 16X Gold
GeekBench5260656900Global 16X Gold
GeekBench4951556900Global 16X Gold
GeekBench3112848690012900k Gold
R11.568.73688512900k Gold
R155970688512900k Gold
R2015034688112900k Gold
R23394276875Global 16X Gold
HWBot Prime16007.697200Global 16X Gold
Wprime 102428.716688512900k Gold
YCruncher20.068686012900k Gold

• PiFast: Splave breaks PiFast records and overclocks a 12th Gen Intel® processor to 7342 MHz with the score 7.98

• Geekbech4 Single: Splave takes the Geekbench4 Single records and overclocks a 12th Gen Intel® processor to 7325 MHz with the score 12651.

• Geekbech5 Single: Splave takes the Geekbench5 Single records and overclocks a 12th Gen Intel® processor to 7200 MHz with the score 2824.

• Geekbech3 Single: Splave takes the Geekbench3 Single records and overclocks a 12th Gen Intel® processor to 7200 MHz with the score 11134.

Overclocking Scenario Photos:

Overclocking Scenario Photos-1

Overclocking Scenario Photos-2

Overclocking Scenario Photos-3

ASRock is always devoted to achieving remarkable overclocking records. The Z690 AQUA OC is designed by well-known Overclcoker, Nick Shih. It is one of the exquisite and incredible motherboards that ASRock has ever accomplished. Its performance offers great potential for users to do overclocking. The Z690 AQUA OC is a must-have. Want to know the details of Z690 AQUA OC, please stay tuned.

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