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New Records Are Made ASRock Z490 AQUA Boosts Intel® 10th Gen Core CPU to Win 4 Global First Places

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TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 22nd, 2020 – Being the latest flagship and limited motherboard, the Z490 AQUA (special version) has been pleased all gamers and PC enthusiasts since its announcement. The cutting edge performance and design of Z490 AQUA (special version) push Intel® 10th Gen Core CPU to 4 global first place benchmark results. The well-known overclocker, Splave achieves four Global First Places with Z490 AQUA (special version) and Intel® Core™ i9-10900KF CPU.

Z490 AQUA 4 Global First Places

wPrime-1024M New Records Generated: 35sec 562ms

wPrime-1024M Score Screenshot

wPrime-1024M Screenshot
↑Our platform completed the wPrime 1024M benchmark in 35.562 seconds, which wins the Global First Place. (Check the submission on HWBOT )

GPUPI for CPU - 1B New Records Generated: 1min 25sec 15ms

GPUPI for CPU Score Screenshot

GPUPI for CPU Screenshot
↑On the GPUPI for CPU benchmark, best record is one minute and 25.015 seconds, made by using Z490 AQUA (special version) with Intel® Core i9-10900KF. (Check new record here on HWBOT)

CINEBENCH - R20 New Records Generated:9108 Marks

CINEBENCH - R20 Score Screenshot

CINEBENCH - R20 Screenshot 1

CINEBENCH - R20 Screenshot 2
↑Splave takes a huge lead by scoring 9108 marks on Intel® Core i9-10900KF with the ASRock Z490 AQUA (special version), and captured the 1st place in the Intel® 10th Gen Core CPU category. (Check submission on HWBOT )

CINEBENCH - R11.5: 42.17 Points

CINEBENCH - R11.5 Score Screenshot

CINEBENCH - R11.5 Screenshot
↑ In conjunction with Intel® Core i9-10900KF with the ASRock Z490 AQUA (special version), Splave creates a new record of 42.17 points on CINEBENCH-R11.5 and wins the Global First Place. (Check submission on HWBOT )

Winning a total of 4 Global First Place is not an easy task. Thanks and congratulations to Splave, he has managed extremely well to overclock i9-10900KF on Z490 AQUA (special version). These achievements are attributed by the hard work and ASRock's key esprit - pursuing innovation. The Z490 AQUA (special version) is no doubt the right choice for PC enthusiasts.

For more information about Z490 AQUA (special version), please visit: