ASRock products labeled with ASM (ASRock Stable Models) are a special line of products that possess extended longevity in consistency, lifespan and availability. For customers and users who need stable supplies of motherboards, ASRock also guarantees deluxe after sale replacement services.
  • Supplies Guaranteed for One Year
   ASRock guarantees that all ASRock Stable Models (ASM) will include consistent hardware and software that shall not be altered for at least one year. Furthermore, ASRock will provide abundant supplies of these models for at least one year.
  • Deluxe After Sale Services
  ASRock promises three different stages of after sale services based on the original purchase date for all ASRock Stable Models (ASM).  
  <30 days:  
  Immediate brand new replacement from distributors, shipped prior to the return of the defective items with absolutely no questions asked.
  30 days ~ 1 year:
  Immediate new or buffer replacement from distributors, depending on their inventory's availability for the next 11 months.  
  1 year ~ 3 years:
  Regular RMA.
  List of ASRock Stable Models (ASM)
Platform Socket Chipset Form Factor Model Name
Intel 1150 H81 mATX H81M/ASM
Intel 1150 H87 mATX H87M Pro4/ASM
Intel 1150 Q87 mATX Q87M vPro/ASM
Intel 1150 B85 mATX B85M Pro4/ASM
Intel 1155 H61 mATX H61M-DP3/ASM
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