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H110 Pro BTC+ is specifically designed for crypto mining, the revolutionary digital crypto-currency that may be used anywhere in the world. The 13 onboard PCIe slots guarantee fast GPU mining, while the additional power connectors provide advanced system stability while mining.

ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ is ready to mine right out of box, no need to do any additional bios setup to enable multi GPU mining. Hybrid GPU system is very popular among hardcore miners, this motherboard is ready for up to 13 mixed AMD+NVIDIA GPU mining under Windows10, not only that, H110 Pro BTC+ is also fully compatible with professional mining operating system Such as SimplMining OS & ethOS, it is able to mine Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, and other GPU-minable coins.

Here are some tips of how to setup your own 13 GPU mining rig

Step by step setup guide for windows

8 Phase Power Design

Designed with a 8 Power Phase design, this motherboard features sturdy components and completely smooth power delivery to the CPU with lower temperature.

Digi Power

For smooth and efficient CPU Vcore voltage.

3 Extra Power Connector

Extra 4-Pin & SATA power connector for maximum stability.

2oz Copper PCB

2 ounce copper inner layers delivering lower temperature and higher efficiency for better stability.

High Density Glass Fabric PCB

Protects the motherboard against electrical shorts caused by humidity.

All Solid Capacitor design

Brings more stable performance and ensures a longer lifespan.

Power on/Reset Button

Power on & off system with onboard button is a must for open frame mining.

M.2 Socket(SATA type)

M.2 SSD for better cable management and performance.

Intel I219V Gigabit Lan

Provides the best throughput performance, enhanced stability for extended time mining.

Materials you need
1. ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ motherboard
2. Total power supply up to 2400W
3. Adapter for dual power supply (Optional)
4. PCIe riser kit*13
5. 13*AMD/8*AMD + 5*NVIDIA graphic cards.
6. Dedicated frame for 13 VGA mining
7. SSD boot drive
8. Minimum 4GB RAM (8GB is recommended)
Hardware Setup Tips

Plug in the Molex & SATA power connector for maximum stability, please make sure all power cords are coming from the same power supply, otherwise it may cause system fail or unrecoverable damage

*All power cords must come from the same power supply.

Connect VGA card to the motherboard via riser card, we recommend using USB type riser kit for stable signal transfer and easy cable management
1.Riser kit is not included in the retail box.

Please always remember to plug in the external power supply connector

If a secondary power supply is needed, please use dual power supply adapter in order to start up both power supplies simultaneously.
1.Depend on the system setup and VGA were used, we recommend to have at least 2400W for 13 GPU mining.
2.We highly recommend NOT to start power supply by shorting the specific wire on the 24Pin ATX cable.
3.Dual power supply adapter cable/module is not included in the retail box.

Software Recommendation (More to come)

*For 13 AMD / NVIDIA GPU mining

SimpleMining OS
*For 13 AMD / NVIDIA GPU mining

How to setup: