Deman Smooth Gameplay

Demand Smooth Gameplay


Banish screen tearing with Radeon FreeSync™ technology

You don't deserve choppy gameplay or broken frames. Radeon™ RX Series graphics can provide fluid, artifact-free performance at virtually any frame rate with Radeon FreeSync™ technology. Ultra-smooth, extra-rich, fast-twitch performance with no more tears. Turn on all the eye candy at 1440p and 4K with Radeon FreeSync™-capable displays and game all you want. Every gamer deserves perfectly smooth, realistic gameplay and peak performance.1


Smooth Gameplay

Who wants to choose between choppy gameplay and broken frames? Radeon FreeSync™ technology works by letting the Radeon™ RX Series graphics card synchronize the refresh rate of a FreeSync-capable monitor to your favorite game, eliminating tears and choppiness for effortlessly smooth gameplay.

Sea of Theives

Incredible Responsiveness

Gamers need to have a hair trigger if they want to beat the best on the battlefield. Never dull your experience with choppy gameplay that throws off your reactions, and make every millisecond count with the low-latency responsiveness of Radeon FreeSync™ technology and Radeon™ RX Series graphics cards.

Because Radeon FreeSync™ technology lets your Radeon™ RX Series graphics card update a FreeSync-capable monitor the moment a new frame is ready, you’ll have fluid control of your games with no ugly screen tearing. That means low mouse latency and virtually no screen anomalies, giving you uncompromising performance.

Pixel Perfect Gaming

When paired with a compatible monitor, Radeon FreeSync™ technology can make smooth, tear-free gaming the standard for Radeon™ RX graphics owners. Radeon FreeSync™ 2 pushes the boundaries even further by combining smooth gaming with plug-and-play HDR gaming at low latency, without needing to tweak your settings.2,3

With FreeSync 2 monitors you'll enjoy the latest games in HDR. HDR gives higher brightness, better contrast and richer colors to give your gaming an extra visual pop. Those on-screen explosions will look so real you’ll have to resist the urge to run for cover.

Radeon FreeSync 2 also helps ensure LFC (low framerate compensation) for when you can’t risk a drop in gaming performance. It acts as a safety net in demanding scenes, automatically adding in extra frames to keep your image smooth if you dip under the minimum framerate needed to keep Radeon FreeSync™ active.


FreeSync™ In Your Living Room

Available in a living room near you. Microsoft’s Xbox One™ family of consoles now support AMD Radeon FreeSync™ technology, bringing the industry’s most widely adopted solution for fluid, artifact-free gaming to fans around the world.


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