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TPM-S Module (V 1.2) Specifications
- Nuvoton NPCT420AA0WX
- Compatible with TPM Main Specification Version 1.2 Revision 116 and PC Client Specific TPM Interface Specification Version 1.21 Revision 1.00
- 128-bit AES Counter (CTR) mode for transport sessions and authentication data protection
- LPC Bus Interface
- Supports legacy locality by using TIS protocol with I/O mapped registers.
- Low standby power consumption
- TPM BIOS drivers: Memory Absent (MA) and Memory Present (MP)
- Support Windows7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Bitlocker.
TPM-s Module (V 2.0) Specifications
- Infineon TPM SLB 9665 TPM2.0
- Compliant to TPM Main Specification, Family "2.0", Level 00, Revision 01.16
- LPC interface
- Meets Intel TXT, Microsoft Windows and Google Chromebook certification criteria for successful platform qualification
- Random Number Generator (RNG) according to NIST SP800-90A
- Full personalization with Endorsement Key (EK) and EK certificate
- Standard (-20..+85°C)
- TSSOP-28
- Pin-compatible to SLB 9660
- Optimized for battery operated devices: low standby power consumption (typ. 150µA)
- 24 PCRs (SHA-1 or SHA-256)
- 7206 Byte free NV memory
- Up to 3 loaded sessions (TPM_PT_HR_LOADED_MIN)
- Up to 64 active sessions (TPM_PT_ACTIVE_SESSIONS_MAX)
- Up to 3 loaded transient Objects (TPM_PT_HR_TRANSIENT_MIN)
- Up to 7 loaded persistent Objects (TPM_PT_HR_PERSISTENT_MIN)
- Up to 8 NV counters
- Up to 1 kByte for command parameters and response parameters
- Up to 768 Byte for NV read or NV write
- 1280 Byte I/O buffer
*Supported on H110, X299, AM4, TR4 and newer platform motherboards.
TPM2-S Module (V 2.0) Specifications
- Nuvoton NPCT650
- TCG Compliance:
  TCG PC Client Platform TPM Profile (PTP) Specification; Family 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module Library; Family 2.0)
  TCG PC Client Specific TPM Interface Specification (TIS), Version 1.3 (TPM Main Specification; Family 1.2 Revision 116)
- Low standby power consumption
- Defends Against:
  Fault injection attacks
  Physical attacks
  Side channel attacks
  Differential fault analysis attacks
  RNG attacks
  Sensor and test mode attacks
  Dictionary attacks
- Support Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Bitlocker.
*Supported on H110, X299, AM4, TR4 and newer platform motherboards.

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