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Front USB 3.1 Panel

Support List

Intel Socket 2011-3

Intel X99X99 OC Formula/3.1X99 TaichiFatal1ty X99 Professional Gaming i7
Intel X99Fatal1ty X99 Professional/3.1Fatal1ty X99X Killer/3.1Fatal1ty X99M Killer/3.1
Intel X99X99 WS-E/10GX99 WS-EX99 Extreme6/3.1
Intel X99X99 Extreme4/3.1X99E-ITX/ac

Intel Socket 1151

Intel Z270Z270 SuperCarrierZ270 TaichiFatal1ty Z270 Professional Gaming i7
Intel Z270Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming-ITX/ac
Intel Z170Z170 OC FormulaZ170M OC FormulaZ170 Extreme7+
Intel Z170Z170 Extreme6+Z170 Extreme6Z170 Extreme4+
Intel Z170Z170 Extreme4Z170 Extreme3Z170 Pro4/D3
Intel Z170Z170 Pro4Z170 Pro4SFatal1ty Z170 Professional Gaming i7
Intel Z170Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K6+Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K6Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K4
Intel Z170Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K4/D3Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming-ITX/ac
Intel H170Fatal1ty H170 Performance/HyperFatal1ty H170 PerformanceFatal1ty H170 Performance/D3
Intel H170H170 Pro4/HyperH170 Pro4H170 Pro4/D3
Intel H170H170 Pro4SH170 Combo
Intel B150B150M-HDV/D3B150M Combo-GDB150PRO

Intel Socket 1150

Intel Z97Z97 OC FormulaZ97M OC FormulaZ97 Extreme9
Intel Z97Z97 Extreme6/acZ97 Extreme6/3.1Z97 Extreme6
Intel Z97Z97 Extreme4/3.1Z97 Extreme4Z97 Pro4
Intel Z97Z97E-ITX/acFatal1ty Z97 ProfessionalFatal1ty Z97X Killer/3.1
Intel Z97Fatal1ty Z97X KillerFatal1ty Z97 Killer/3.1Fatal1ty Z97 Killer
Intel Z97Fatal1ty Z97M Killer
Intel H97Fatal1ty H97 Killer

Compatible with all motherboards that have SATA Express connectors including, but not limited to ASRock’s boards. However due to irreconcilable differences the performance may be hindered on Gigabyte models.

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