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CPU Support List

XeonE3-1230 v2(E0)Ivy Bridge3.3GHz8MB69W

Support Models

SocketChipsetCPU Support ListSupport BIOS
1155Intel Z77Z77 Extreme11P1.10
1155Intel Z77Z77 Extreme9P1.10
1155Intel Z77Z77 OC FormulaAll
1155Intel Z77Z77 Extreme6/TB4P1.10
1155Intel Z77Z77 Extreme6P1.20
1155Intel Z77Z77 Extreme4P1.20
1155Intel Z77Z77 Extreme4-MAll
1155Intel Z77Z77 Extreme3All
1155Intel Z77Z77 Pro4All
1155Intel Z77Z77 Pro3P1.10
1155Intel Z77Z77MP1.10
1155Intel Z77Z77E-ITXP1.10
1155Intel Z77Fatal1ty Z77 ProfessionalAll
1155Intel Z77Fatal1ty Z77 Professional-MP1.10
1155Intel Z77Fatal1ty Z77 PerformanceP1.10
1155Intel Z75Z75 Pro3P1.10
1155Intel H77H77 Pro4/MVPP1.10
1155Intel H77H77 Pro4-MP1.10
1155Intel H77ZH77 Pro3All
1155Intel H77H77MAll
1155Intel H77H77M-ITXAll
1155Intel Q77Q77M vProAll
1155Intel B75P75 Pro3All
1155Intel B75B75 Pro3P1.20
1155Intel B75B75 Pro3-MP1.20
1155Intel B75B75M-DGS R2.0P1.10
1155Intel B75B75M-DGSAll
1155Intel B75B75M-GL R2.0All
1155Intel B75B75M-GLAll
1155Intel B75B75M R2.0All
1155Intel B75B75MP1.20
1155Intel B75B75M-ITXP1.10
1155Intel Z68Z68 Extreme7 Gen3P2.10
1155Intel Z68Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3P2.10
1155Intel Z68Z68 Extreme4 Gen3P2.10
1155Intel Z68Z68 Extreme3 Gen3P2.10
1155Intel Z68Z68 Extreme4P2.20
1155Intel Z68Z68 Pro3 Gen3P2.10
1155Intel Z68Z68 Pro3P2.10
1155Intel Z68Z68 Pro3-MP2.10
1155Intel Z68Z68M/USB3P2.10
1155Intel Z68Z68M-ITX/HTP2.20
1155Intel P67Fatal1ty P67 ProfessionalP3.10
1155Intel P67Fatal1ty P67 PerformanceP2.10
1155Intel P67P67 Extreme6P2.10
1155Intel P67P67 Extreme4 Gen3P2.10
1155Intel P67P67 Extreme4P3.10
1155Intel P67P67 Pro3P3.10
1155Intel P67P67 Pro3 SEP2.10
1155Intel P67P67 ProP2.10
1155Intel H67H67DE3P2.10
1155Intel H67H67M-GE/HTP2.10
1155Intel H67H67M-GEP2.10
1155Intel H67H67MP2.10
1155Intel H67H67M-ITX/HTP2.10
1155Intel H67H67M-ITXP2.10
1155Intel H61H61M/U3S3P1.70
1155Intel H61H61M-DG3/USB3All
1155Intel H61P65iCafeP1.40
1155Intel H61H61iCafeP1.70
1155Intel H61H61DE/S3P1.70
1155Intel H61H61DE/SIP1.70
1155Intel H61H61DELP1.70
1155Intel H61H61 Pro BTCAll
1155Intel H61H61 ProP1.00
1155Intel H61H61M-GEP1.70
1155Intel H61H61MP1.70
1155Intel H61H61M-PS4P1.10
1155Intel H61H61M-PS2All
1155Intel H61H61M-PSP1.40
1155Intel H61H61M-DPSP1.10
1155Intel H61H61M-DP3All
1155Intel H61H71M-DG3All
1155Intel H61H71M-DGSP1.10
1155Intel H61H61M-DGS R2.0All
1155Intel H61H61M-DGSP1.10
1155Intel H61H61M-DG4All
1155Intel H61H61M-HG4All
1155Intel H61H61M-HP4All
1155Intel H61H61M-HGSP1.50
1155Intel H61H61M-GSP1.50
1155Intel H61H61M-HVGSP1.70
1155Intel H61H61M-HVSP1.90
1155Intel H61H61M-SP1.50
1155Intel H61H61M-VG4P1.30
1155Intel H61H61M-VG3All
1155Intel H61H61M-VS4P1.30
1155Intel H61H61M-VS3P1.20
1155Intel H61H61M-VS R2.0P2.60
1155Intel H61H61M-VSP2.10
1155Intel H61H61M-IDEAll
1155Intel H61H61MV-ITXAll
1155Intel H61H61M-ITXP1.60
1155Intel H61H61M-S1 PLUSAll
1155Intel H61H61TM-ITXP1.20