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We Did It Again! The World's Only X299 Mini-ITX Motherboard: ASRock X299E-ITX/ac

TAIPEI, Taiwan, October 16, 2017 – Size matters! For years, Big powerful and tons of expandability has been the golden rule for high-end motherboards especially for Intel® X299 Platform, but powerful machine doesn't have to be huge and bulky, ASRock has successfully crammed all amazing spec and features into a Mini-ITX sized motherboard, the world's first Mini ITX X299 motherboard is here!

X299E-ITX/ac - The World's First Mini-ITX X299 MB

The ultimate Mini-ITX has to have everything, X299E-ITX/ac was built on a X299 platform to give ultimate processing power, dual Intel® Gigabit Lan along with dual band 2.4/5GHz 802.11ac WiFi provides the best connectivity, USB3.1 Gen2 Type A+C are also available at the rear of the motherboard, more amazingly this little beast also supports quad channel memory up to DDR4 4000 MHz(OC), stunning performance on such a small motherboard.


In order to provide the best expandability ASRock engineers has to think outside the box, by adding two expansion cards, X299E-ITX/ac now has 3 Ultra M.2 and 6 SATA3 ports, absolutely no compromise for supporting high speed storage devices. Stability is also vital, with 60A power choke and Dr.MOS to form a 7 power phase design, this motherboard can handle heavy load as well as everyday task with ease.

The hype does not end here, ASRock has collaborated with water cooling expert Bitspower technology to developed a cooling block specifically for X299E-ITX/ac, it is able to dissipate heat for both CPU & MOSFET up to 300W, a perfect optional upgrade for performance seeker and water cooling enthusiasts.


ASRock has yet again broke the limit to crammed such performance as well as amazing features into a Mini-ITX size motherboard, not only that, X299E-ITX/ac received a TAIWAN EXCELLENCE 2018 award right after the official launch, a perfect affirmation that this little beast is the truly built for small form factor fanatics.


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About Bitspower water cooling block