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World's First Windows® 8-Certified Intel® 8 Series Motherboard : ASRock Z87 Extreme4

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, April 17, 2013 – Even though nothing much about ASRock's next generation Intel® 8 Series motherboards can be revealed yet, we simply can't restrain ourselves from spilling out the good news that ASRock's Z87 Extreme4 is the world's first Intel® 8 Series motherboard to pass Windows® 8 hardware certification. So, yeah, users may be ensured that ASRock's Z87 Extreme4 will support the latest operating system from Microsoft® without any problems, and bear in mind that it's coming to you real soon!

World's 1<sup>st</sup> Windows<sup>®</sup> 8 Certified MB

ASRock is always striving for the most advanced hardware designs, as well as the latest software applications. The company is dedicated to offer users only the best cutting edge technology, which of course includes the latest Windows® 8 operating system. Why settle for second place when you can be number one? Be the first to lay your hands on the 8 Series computers with ASRock!

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