ASRock Brand New P67/H67 B3 Stepping Chipset Motherboard Is Ready To Go
Buy ASRock New Sandy Bridge Motherboard, Get an Extra 1 Year Extended Warranty

With the wide expectation from ASRock worldwide fans, we are here to announce that our new P67/H67 motherboard series based on Intel B3 stepping chipset is going to be shipped out from factory now. To express our gratitude for the long-term support from ASRock’s partners, we would like to offer a "FREE ONE year extended warranty" in addition to the original warranty that provided by local distributor on ASRock motherboards. Starting from now till the end June 2011, customers who purchased ASRock Sandy Bridge P67/H67 B3 stepping chipset motherboard series will be benefited an extra one year service guarantee.

The extended warranties will vary from purchase locations. For instance, if you purchased ASRock P67/H67 B3 stepping chipset motherboard in a 2-year-warranty territory, your service guarantee is automatically 3 years in total. If you purchased in 3-year-warranty territory, then the service guarantee is automatically 4 in total.

Please note that this program will be expired on 30th-June-2011. If you purchased ASRock Sandy Bridge P67/H67 B3 Stepping series motherboard after 1st-July-2011, your service guarantee will change back to the original warranties.

How to identify Intel B3 Stepping Chipset message on ASRock P67/H67 Series motherboard?

(I) You can find “New B3 Stepping Chipset” logo on the gift box.

(II) You can find "New B3 Stepping Chipset" sticker on the motherboard PS/2 connector.

(III) You can find "New B3 Stepping Chipset" logo on the UEFI BIOS boot screen.

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