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Ready to Go! ASRock 8 Series Motherboards Support New 4th Generation Intel® Processors

TAIPEI, Taiwan, March 20, 2014 – The global leading motherboard manufacturer, ASRock, announces that all of its 8 series motherboards will support Next Generation Intel® Core™ Processors. With only a few clicks, users are able to update the BIOS and enjoy the outstanding performance of their new processors.

New 4<sup>th</sup> Intel<sup>®</sup> Gen Core CPU

ASRock provides the latest BIOS not only to those high-end and mainstream motherboards, but also to those entry level ones. From the Z87, H87, B85 series to the H81 series, there is no 8 series motherboard left behind this full-scale support.

In addition to BIOS update, ASRock also provides another excellent service, ASRock Cloud, to its users recently. You can download a 3-year subscription of Orbweb.ME Professional from ASRock Cloud website for free! Orbweb.ME Professional makes your mobile devices connect to your PC seamlessly. You can share your favorite photos, video clips, and music with others at anytime, anywhere. ASRock Cloud is the best solution to build your personal cloud!

ASRock Cloud

With the latest BIOS and ASRock Cloud, your 8 series motherboard will be more powerful and useful. Users can visit ASRock official website to download the latest BIOS at:

The following table is ASRock's latest BIOS list for its 8 series motherboards:

Model nameBIOS ver.Model nameBIOS ver.
Z87 Series
Z87 OC Formula/acP1.80Z87M Extreme4P1.80
Z87 OC FormulaP1.90Z87 Extreme3P2.30
Z87M OC FormulaP1.60Z87iCafe4P1.70
Z87 Extreme11/acP1.10Z87 Pro4P1.90
Z87 Extreme9/acP2.00Z87M Pro4P2.10
Z87 Extreme6/acP2.20Z87 Pro3P2.40
Z87 Extreme6P2.20Z87E-ITXP2.30
Z87 Extreme4/TB4P1.20Fatal1ty Z87 ProfessionalP1.70
Z87 Extreme4P2.60Fatal1ty Z87 KillerP1.10
H87 Series
Fatal1ty H87 PerformanceP1.60H87MP2.10
H87 Pro4P1.90H87E-ITX/acP1.60
H87M Pro4P2.00H87M-ITXP1.80
Q87 Series
Q87M vProP1.50  
B85 Series
Fatal1ty B85 KillerP1.10B85M-HDSP1.30
P85 Pro3P1.90B85M-GLP1.70
B85 Pro4P1.90B85M-ITXP1.90
B85M Pro4P1.90  
H81 Series
H81 Pro BTCP1.20H81M-HG4P1.20
H81M-DGS R2.0P1.20H81M-ITXP1.60
H81M-DGSP1.70P81 Pro3P1.60

For more information about ASRock Cloud, please visit: