ASRock OC Tuner is a user-friendly ASRock overclocking tool which allows you to guard your system by hardware monitor function and overclock your hardware devices to get the best system performance. There are 4 major sections that are easy to fine-tune and monitor:

  1. Overclocking: Overclock CPU/PCI frequency for optimal system performance.
  2. Voltage Control: Voltage adjustment for CPU, DRAM, VTT, NB and SB to enhance compatibility and the boost overclocking.
  3. Hardware Monitor: shows the major readings of your system.
  4. System Health: checks temperature of CPU and MB, and adjust CPU Quiet Fan.

"Auto apply when program starts": If you check this button, it will save your settings when you close OC Tuner window. And next time when you run OC Tuner, it will start with the settings you made. If you do not check this button, next time when you run OC tuner, it will start with the default settings.

Note: Before you select "Auto apply when program starts", it is recommended to run some test programs to make sure your system is running very stably.

"Auto run when Windows starts": If you click this button, every time you turn on your system and enter Windows, the system will automatically start the OC Tuner.

Note: It is not recommended to overclock your system. Overclocking and over-voltage may affect your system stability, or even cause damage to your MB or devices. It should be done at your own risk and expense. ASRock is not responsible for possible damage caused by overclocking and and over-voltage.

Note: If system hangs after overclocking, please remove AC power cord and plug AC power cord again before you power on your system.


In the Overclock section, there are CPU and PCIE chapters for parameter settings adjustment in pursuit of optimal system performance.

Under the CPU chapter, you are able to fine-tune the CPU frequency and CPU ratio by clicking the "Up/Down" arrows at the display panel. After confirmation of the settings, please click on the "Go" button.

Under the PCIE chapter, you are able to adjust the PCIE Frequency by clicking on the "Up/Down" arrows and press "Go" for confirmation.

Voltage ControlVoltage Control

In the Voltage Control section, there are many voltage adjustment items, such as CPU, DRAM, VTT, NB and SB items. The voltage control is relevant to overclocking.

You may adjust respective voltages by clicking the "Up/Down" arrows and confirm by "Go" respectively.

Hardware MonitorHardware Monitor

In the Hardware Monitor section, it shows the major readings of your system. There are CPU speed, Current FSB, Ratio, PCIE Speed and respective voltages.

System HealthSystem Health

In the System Health section, there are two major chapters: System Health and CPU Quiet Fan.

Under the System Health chapter, it shows the major readings of CPU and MB Temperature, and CPU and Chassis Fan speed. You may find out if there’s any abnormal situation occurs to your system’s temperature.

Under the CPU Quiet Fan chapter, the Target Temperature and Target Speed will show the default settings of your system. You are able to adjust the setting too by clicking the "Up/Down" arrows and confirm by "Go" afterward.

Support List

Intel Socket 1366

Intel X58X58 SuperComputerX58 Deluxe3X58 Deluxe
Intel X58X58 Extreme6X58 Extreme3X58 Extreme

Intel Socket 1156

Intel P55P55 Deluxe3P55 DeluxeP55 Extreme4
Intel P55P55 ExtremeP55 Pro/USB3P55 Pro
Intel P55P55DE ProP55DE3P55M Pro
Intel H55H55 Extreme3H55 ProH55M Pro
Intel H55H55M/USB3 R2.0H55M/USB3H55iCafe
Intel H55H55M-GE R2.0H55M-GEH55M
Intel H55H55M-LEH55DE3

Intel CPU Onboard Series

Intel NM10 ExpressAD525PV3AD525PVAD510PV
Intel NM10 ExpressAD425PV3AD425PVAD410PV
Intel 945GCA330GCA230GC

Intel Socket 775

Intel X48X48TurboTwins-WiFiX48TurboTwins
Intel X38X38TurboTwins-WiFiX38TurboTwins
Intel P45P45X3 DeluxeP45DE3P45XE-WiFiN
Intel P45P45XE-RP45XEP45R2000-WiFi
Intel P45P45R2000P45TurboTwins2000P45TS-R
Intel P45P45TSP45DE
Intel P43P43 Pro/USB3P43R1600Twins-WiFiP43R1600Twins-110dB
Intel P43P43R1600TwinsP43D1600Twins-1394P43D1600Twins
Intel P43P43Twins1600P43DE3P43DE3L
Intel P43P43DE2P43DEP43C-ME
Intel P43P43ME
Intel G43G43Twins-FullHD
Intel G41G41MH/USB3 R2.0G41MH/USB3P41C-DE
Intel G41G41C-GS R2.0G41C-GSG41C-S
Intel G41G41C-VSG41M-PSG41M-GE3
Intel G41G41MH-GEG41M-GS3G41M-S3
Intel G41G41M-GSG41M-SG41M-VS3 R2.0
Intel G41G41M-VS3G41M-VS2G41M-VS
Intel G41G41MH-LE3G41M-LE/HG41M-LE
Intel P354Core1600P35-WiFi+4Core1600P35-WiFi4Core1600Twins-P35D
Intel P354Core1600Twins-P35
Intel G31G31DEG31M-GS R2.0G31M-GS
Intel G31G31M-S R2.0G31M-SG31M-VS2
Intel G31G31M-VS
Intel G965G965M-S
Intel P965P5B-DEP5B Pro
Intel 945GC945GCM-S
NVIDIA nForce 680i SLIPenryn1600SLIX3-WiFi
NVIDIA 650i SLIPenryn1600SLI-110dB
NVIDIA GeForce 7100 / nForce 630iN73PV-S
NVIDIA GeForce 7050 / nForce 610iN73V-S

AMD Socket AM3+ / AM3

AMD 890FX890FX Deluxe4
AMD 890GX890GX Extreme3
AMD 880G880G Extreme3880GM-LE FX
AMD 785G985GM-GS3 FX
AMD 770970 Pro970DE3/U3S3770iCafe
AMD 770770DE3L
AMD RX881/760G980DE3/U3S3
AMD 760G970 Pro2960GC-GS FX960GM/U3S3 FX
AMD 760G960GM-VGS3 FX960GM-GS3 FX960GM-S3 FX
NVIDIA nForce 720DM3N78D FX
NVIDIA GeForce 7025N68-VGS3 FXN68-VS3 FXN68-GS4/USB3 FX
NVIDIA GeForce 7025N68-GS4 FXN68-GS3 FXN68-S3 FX
NVIDIA GeForce 7025N68C-GS4 FXN68C-GS FX

AMD Socket AM3 (DDR3 support)

AMD 890FX890FX Deluxe3
AMD 890GX890GX Extreme4890GMH/USB3890GM Pro3
AMD 880G880GXH/USB3880GMH/USB3 R2.0880GMH/USB3
AMD 870870 Extreme3870iCafe
AMD 790GXM3A790GXH/USB3M3A790GXH/128MM3A790GMH/128M
AMD 790GX790GX Pro
AMD 785GM3A785GXH/128MM3A785GMH/128MM3A785GM-LE/128M
AMD 785GM3A785GM-LE785G Pro785GM-S3
AMD 780GM3A780GXH/128M
AMD 770770 Extreme3M3A770DE
AMD 760G760GM-GS3760GM-S3
AMD 480X CrossFireM3A UCC
NVIDIA nForce 720DM3N78D
NVIDIA GeForce 7025N68-GS3 UCCN68-S3 UCCN68-S3

AMD Socket AM2+ / AM2 (AM3 CPU and DDR2 support)

AMD 790GXA790GXH/128MA790GMH/128MA790GX/128M
AMD 790GXAOD790GX/128M
AMD 785GA785GXH/128MA785GMH/128MA785GM-LE/128M
AMD 780GA780GMH/128MA780GXH/128MA780GXE/128M
AMD 780GA780GM-LE/128MA780GM-LEA780FullHD
AMD 780GA780FullDisplayPort
AMD 770A770CrossFireA770DE+A770DE
AMD RS780L (760G)A780LM-SA780LM
NVIDIA nForce 780a SLIK10N780SLIX3-WiFi
NVIDIA nForce 750a SLIK10N750SLI-WiFiK10N750SLI-110dB
NVIDIA nForce 740a SLIK10N7SLI
NVIDIA nForce 720DK10N78D
NVIDIA GeForce 8200K10N78hSLI-WiFiK10N78hSLI-1394K10N78hSLI-GLAN
NVIDIA GeForce 8200K10N78-1394K10N78K10N78FullHD-hSLI R3.0
NVIDIA GeForce 8200K10N78FullHD-hSLI R2.0K10N78M Pro
NVIDIA GeForce 8100K10N78M
AMD 480X CrossFireM3A-GLAN
NVIDIA GeForce 7025N68-S UCCN68C-SEN68C-S
NVIDIA GeForce 7025N68-GEN68-GSN68-S

AMD Socket 939

AMD 790GX939A790GMH
AMD 785G939A785GMH/128M939A785GMH

AMD Socket 754

AMD RS780L (760G)K8A780LM

CPU Onboard Series


Note: ASRock OC Tuner is tailored for specific model, so please do not download OC Tuner from any other models' download site.