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What is ErP/EuP 2.0?

ErP/EuP, stands for Energy Using Product, was a provision regulated by European Union to define the power consumption for the completed system. With the great quantity and the popularly using of the electrical products nowadays and the continuously increasing of the electrical products categories in the following 20 to 30 years, European Union decided to establish an effective strategy to solve the energy consumption problem. That is, according to ErP/EuP, the total AC power of the completed system shall be under 1.00W in off mode condition.

Compared with ErP/EuP, ErP/EuP 2.0 is stricter. Based on ErP/EuP 2.0 standard, the total AC power consumption of the completed system shall be under 0.5W in off mode in 2013. By adopting Nuvoton NCT3016 IC, ASRock is proud to announce that our P55 Deluxe, P55 Extreme are the worldwide first motherboards to achieve the ErP/EuP 2.0 standard. You can save most power consumption by our ASRock P55 Deluxe and P55 Extreme!

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