What is Dr.MOS?

Dr.MOS is the integrated power stage solution which is optimized for synchronous buck-set down voltage applications! Intelligently delivering higher current and driving continuous current for each phase, thus providing improved thermal result and superior performance.


Traditional Design

On board components

Generally speaking the traditional CPU VRM will be connected like below:

Single Package Design

With efficiency up to 95%, Dr.MOS is more efficient under every scenario, it is able to reduce power losses to maintain lower temperature under heavy Loading.

Better Efficiency = Lower Temperature

Dr.MOS is more efficient and able to perform lower temperature than traditional MOSFETs, giving longer motherboard and component lifespan while delivering greater OC performance.

* For reference only, test results may not apply to different system configuration.

Premium Power Choke

Compared to traditional chokes, ASRock’s premium power chokes effectively make the saturation current up to three times better, thus providing enhanced and improved Vcore voltage to the motherboard.

2OZ Copper

It comes with 2 ounces copper inner layers, using only carefully selected copper materials for PCB layers, delivering lower temperature and higher energy efficiency for overclocking.

Combo Caps

More doesn’t always mean better! ASRock’s R&D team has worked very hard to find out the best combination of capacitors and build motherboards with improved power quality.

Nichicon 12K Black Caps

Supreme 12K black capacitors with lifespans of at least 12,000 hours. Compared to other counterparts on high-end motherboards that merely have lifespans of around 10,000 hours, ASRock applied Nichicon 12K Black Caps that offer 20% longer lifespans and provide more stability and reliability.

Hi-Density Power Connectors

CPU overclocking requires higher current, ASRock Hi-Density Power connectors is able to withstand current higher traditional CPU 8-pin and ATX 24-pin connector, giving a more stable system as well as lowering the risk of fire under heavy overclocking.