The best Apple charge companion - ASRock APP Charger

Apple's commitment to IT industry and it's own iPhone/iPod/iPad enhancements have been regarded as the hottest pocket stuff these years. You might have known that many mobile devices can be charged via a desktop PC's USB ports when the PC system is on. As Apple fan knows that if you want to fully charge your Apple devices via PC, it may take 3 hours or maybe longer to complete!

Fast Charge & Charge Anytime!

If you desire a faster, less restricted way of charging your Apple devices, such as iPhone/iPod/iPad Touch, ASRock has prepared a wonderful solution for you – ASRock App Charger. Simply installing the App Charger driver, it makes your iPhone charged much quickly from your computer and up to 40% faster than before*. ASRock App Charger allows you to quickly charge many Apple devices simultaneously and even supports continuous charging when your PC enters into Standby mode (S1), Suspend to RAM(S3), hibernation mode (S4) or power off (S5)**. With App Charger driver installed, you can easily enjoy the marvelous charging experience than ever.

ASRock App Charger efforts are, to turn what was disappointing feature into a far more efficient one. The App Charger technology has been fully applied on ASRock full series motherboards. With App Charger, you'll never feel charging via a PC like this before.

Full Series Motherboard Support

Intel Socket 1366

Intel X58X58 SuperComputerX58 Deluxe3X58 DeluxeX58 Extreme6
Intel X58X58 Extreme3X58 Extreme

Intel Socket 1155

Intel Z77Z77 Extreme11Z77 Extreme9Z77 OC FormulaZ77 Extreme6/TB4
Intel Z77Z77 Extreme6Z77 Extreme4Z77 Extreme4-MZ77 Extreme3
Intel Z77Z77 Pro4Z77 Pro4-MZ77 Pro3Z77M
Intel Z77Z77E-ITXZ77TM-ITXFatal1ty Z77 ProfessionalFatal1ty Z77 Professional-M
Intel Z77Fatal1ty Z77 Performance
Intel Z75Z75 Pro3
Intel H77H77 Pro4/MVPH77 Pro4-MZH77 Pro3H77M
Intel H77H77M-ITXH77TM-ITX
Intel Q77Q77M vPro
Intel B75P75 Pro3B75 Pro3B75 Pro3-M/MVPB75 Pro3-M
Intel B75B75M-DGS R2.0B75M-DGSB75M-GL R2.0B75M-GL
Intel B75B75M R2.0B75MB75M-ITXB75TM-ITX
Intel Z68Z68 Extreme7 Gen3Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3Z68 Extreme4 Gen3Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
Intel Z68Z68 Extreme4Z68 Pro3 Gen3Z68 Pro3Z68 Pro3-M
Intel Z68Z68M/USB3Z68M-ITX/HT
Intel P67Fatal1ty P67 ProfessionalFatal1ty P67 PerformanceP67 Extreme6P67 Extreme4 Gen3
Intel P67P67 Extreme4P67 Pro3P67 Pro3 SEP67 Pro
Intel H67H67DE3H67M-GE/HTH67M-GEH67M
Intel H67H67M-ITX/HTH67M-ITX
Intel H61PH61/U3S3 MVPH61M/U3S3H61M-DG3/USB3P65iCafe
Intel H61H61iCafeH61DE/S3H61DE/SIH61DEL
Intel H61H61 Pro BTCH61 ProH61M-GEH61M
Intel H61H61M-PS4H61M-PS2H61M-PSH61M-DS
Intel H61H61M-DPSH61M-DP3H71M-DG3H71M-DGS
Intel H61H61M-DGS R2.0H61M-DGSH61M-DG4H61M-HG4
Intel H61H61M-HVSH61M-S+H61M-SH61M-VG4
Intel H61H61M-VG3H61M-VS4H61M-VS3H61M-VS R2.0

Intel Socket 1156

Intel P67P67 Transformer
Intel P55P55 Deluxe3P55 Deluxe***P55 Extreme4P55 Extreme***
Intel P55P55 Pro/USB3P55 ProP55DE ProP55DE3
Intel P55P55M Pro
Intel H55H55 Extreme3H55 ProH55M ProH55M/USB3 R2.0
Intel H55H55M/USB3H55iCafeH55M-GE R2.0H55M-GE
Intel H55H55MH55M-LEH55DE3

AMD Socket AM3+ / AM3

AMD 890FX890FX Deluxe5890FX Deluxe4
AMD 890GX890GX Extreme4 R2.0890GX Extreme3890GX Pro3890GM Pro3 R2.0
AMD 880G880G Extreme3880GMH/U3S3880G Pro3880GM-LE FX
AMD 870870 Extreme3 R2.0870iCafe R2.0
AMD 785G985GM-GS3 FX
AMD 770970 Pro970DE3/U3S3770iCafe770DE3L
AMD 770980DE3/U3S3 R2.0
AMD 760G760GM-HDV970 Pro2960GC-GS FX960GM/U3S3 FX
AMD 760G960GM-VGS3 FX960GM-GS3 FX960GM-S3 FX

AMD Socket AM3 (DDR3 support)

AMD 890FX890FX Deluxe3
AMD 890GX890GX Extreme4890GMH/USB3890GM Pro3
AMD 880G880GM-LE
AMD 870870 Extreme3870iCafe
AMD 790GXM3A790GXH/USB3M3A790GXH/128MM3A790GMH/128M790GX Pro
AMD 785GM3A785GXH/128MM3A785GMH/128MM3A785GM-LE/128MM3A785GM-LE
AMD 785G785G Pro785GM-S3
AMD 780GM3A780GXH/128M
AMD 770770 Extreme3M3A770DE
AMD 760G760GM-GS3760GM-S3

AMD Socket AM2+ / AM2 (AM3 CPU and DDR2 support)

AMD 790GXA790GXH/128MA790GMH/128MA790GX/128MAOD790GX/128M
AMD 785GA785GXH/128MA785GMH/128MA785GM-LE/128MA785GM-LE
AMD 780GA780GMH/128MA780GXH/128MA780GXE/128MA780GM-LE/128M
AMD 780GA780GM-LEA780FullHDA780FullDisplayPort
AMD 770A770CrossFireA770DE+A770DE
AMD RS780L (760G)A780LM-SA780LM

Full Series Mini PC Support

Intel B660DeskMeet B660 Series
AMD X600DeskMeet X600 Series
AMD X300DeskMeet X300 Series
AMD X600DeskMini X600 Series
AMD X300DeskMini X300 Series
AMD A300DeskMini A300 Series
Intel Whiskey LakeDeskMini 4205 Series
Intel Z390DeskMini GTX (Z390)
Intel B360DeskMini GTX (B360)
Intel Z370DeskMini GTX/RX (Z370)
Intel Z270DeskMini GTX/RX
Intel B760DeskMini B760 Series
Intel B660DeskMini B660 Series
Intel H470DeskMini H470 Series
Intel H310DeskMini 310 Series
Intel H110DeskMini 110 Series
Intel B660Jupiter B660
Intel H610Jupiter H610
Intel H470Jupiter H470
Intel H410Jupiter H410
AMD X600Jupiter X600
AMD X300Jupiter X300
AMD A320Jupiter A320
Intel Q370Jupiter Q370
Intel H310Jupiter H310
AMD 5000UMars 5000U Series
AMD 4000UMars 4000U Series
Intel Alder LakeMars ADL Series
Intel Coffee LakeMars Series
Intel Kaby LakeBeebox-S Series (Kaby Lake)
Intel SkylakeBeebox-S Series
Intel Apollo LakeBeebox Series (Apollo Lake)
Intel BraswellBeebox Series
Intel Z97M8 Series (Z97)
Intel Z87M8 Series
Intel HM87VisionX Series (Haswell)Vision HT Series (Haswell)
Intel HM77VisionX SeriesVision HT Series
Intel HM65Vision 3D Series (Sandy Bridge)CoreHT Series
Intel HM55Vision 3D SeriesCore 100HT-BD***Core 100HT***
Intel Bay Trail-DMini Series (Bay Trail-D)
AMD A68MMini Series
Intel ICH8MION 3D Series
NVIDIA IONION 330HT-BD***ION 330HT/W7HP***ION 330HT***ION 330Pro***


* The charging capability may vary with different power supply design. The more +5V standby current provided, the better charge efficiency you get.
** Please connect the devices to the PC USB ports before the PC enters S1/S3/S4/S5 mode to enable a fast charge.
*** To support APP Charger under S5 (Shut Down),
A. If you could find "Deep S5" in BIOS SETUP, please set the option to [Disable].
B. If you could not find the Deep S5 option, please set BIOS > Advanced > ACPI Settings > "PCI Devices Power On" as [Enabled].

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