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Question (Q&A-89|297): How do I setup digital sound (DTS5.1, Dolby5.1, DTS HD Master and Dolby True HD) output via HDMI or SPDIF?(11/1/2011)
OS: Windows7, Vista SP2 or later.
Receiver / decoder: Onkyo TX-SR608 amplifier for example:
Playback software: for example Power DVD10 v10.0.2025.52 or other playback software.

1. Please install all drivers from support CD, after that please check device manager, there should be no any "!" or "?" on list.

2. Please enter Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound,
If you would like to output via HDMI, please select [HDMI output]
If you would like to output via SPDI, please select [Digital output]

*Different motherboard/chipset may show different information, above picture is for references only.

3. Enter the Audio settings in your application.
We take Power DVD 10 here for example: Choose the Speaker environment and Output modes as you want.

4. Set your decoder/amplifier to the digital sound output, which you want.

5. Set the correct output format on your content /source manual.

6. Then you can play the content/source.