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Question (Q&A-50|193): I plugged a headphone in my ASRock motherboard with Realtek HD Audio, and set the "Audio I/O" from "2CH" to "Headphone" in Realtek Audio Manager (picture1).

But the Realtek Audio Manager always recognized my headphone as 2CH speaker after I restarted the operating system (picture2).

What should I do?(1/16/2007)
Answer:Please refer to the following steps to set up the Realtek Audio Manager correctly.
1.Please remove all audio I/O (Headphones, Speakers, Microphone...) from the motherboard.
2.Please go to Realtek Audio Manager and set the "Audio I/O" you want.
3.Click ok.
4.Please plug your audio I/O back.
5.Restart your system.