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Question (Q&A-42|172): My onboard audio is AC'97 audio. The front panel audio connector cables of my case are different from the description of manual. How should I connect them? Please advice.(4/21/2006)
Answer:The wording on the front panel connector cables may be different by each chassis manufacturer. Please check the function of each cable. Otherwise it may damage the board if cables are connected to the wrong connectors. We found that if you connect the "GND" (Ground) or "USB VCC" (USB Power) connector pins to the "+5V" pin, it will damage the motherboard after booting up the system. So we recommend you must not install any connector on the +5V pin of the Front Panel Audio header. It will not affect the Audio function if you remove the connector from the +5V pin.
For this reason, we will remove the +5V pin from the Front Panel Audio header of our products in the future.
There are three examples for your reference, please refer to the following pictures.