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Question (Q&A-77|261): After installing windows7 on ALiveNF7G-GLan or N68PV-GS I installed all the windows7 driver from the website, why I still get an exclamation mark on "co-processor" in device manager?(11/21/2009)
Question (Q&A-73|249): I installed Vista x64 sp1 on ALiveNF6G-GLAN, but I cannot shut down my system after I execute the "sysprep" program under operating system. What do I do?(6/25/2009)
Question (Q&A-68|240): How should I make my SATA HDD working with "Hot Plug" function properly on my ALiveNF6P-VSTA / ALiveNF6G-GLAN / NF6-GLAN motherboard?(10/23/2008)
Question (Q&A-67|237): When I install a Terratec Cinergy C PCI TV card or Technisat Cablestar HD2 TV card on VIA® chipset based motherboards, such like 4CoreDual-SATA2 (PT880 series motherboards) or ALiveSATA2-GLAN, it always show "PCI IRQ routing table error" message after BIOS POST, or simply hang up during BIOS POST. Any way to fix the problem?(9/5/2008)
Question (Q&A-65|231): When installing NVIDIA GeForce 8400/8500 series PCIE VGA card on K10N78hSLI-WiFi / K10N78hSLI-1394 / K10N78hSLI-GLAN under Windows® XP/ XP 64-bit, I can not get full system memory. Besides, system shows two display adapters in the Device Manager. What can I do?
Question (Q&A-64|228): My motherboard is ALiveNF6P-VSTA / ALiveNF6G-VSTA (MCP61 chipset). I'm encountering some problems with SATA HDD when installing the drivers of the motherboard under Windows® Vista™. What should I do?(4/28/2008)
Question (Q&A-60|217): My motherboard is 4Core1333-Viiv / 4Core1333-GLAN / 4Core1333-eSATA2. When I install INF driver from Motherboard Support CD, it will show below error message. Is there any way to fix this problem?
Question (Q&A-49|188): I am using an AMD® AM2 rev.G CPU on AM2V890-VSTA/ ALiveSATA2-GLAN. I have enabled the "Cool'n'Quiet" in BIOS setup, installed the "K8 CPU driver" from support CD and chosen the "Minimal Power Management" in OS, but the Cool'n'Quiet function still does not work. What can I do?(12/19/2006)
Question (Q&A-46|183): My system is based on 775Dual-VSTA / ALiveSATA2-GLAN / AM2V890-VSTA with Windows® XP / Windows® 2000 operating system. After updating to the latest BIOS, I found two issues.
1.I can't find the "HD Audio Driver and Application" link in the menu of support CD.
2.There is a yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager.
What could I do?(9/19/2006)