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Question (Q&A-130|437): How to solve the following error message when installing Intel Optane Memory driver?(4/1/2017)
Answer:Error 1--- Intel Rapid Storage Technology is Already Installed
→Because your system is already installed Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver, Intel Optane Memory driver cannot be installed properly. Please uninstall Intel Rapid Storage Technology and then install Intel Optane Memory application again.

Error 2 --- Intel Optane Memory is Currently Enabled
→Before uninstalling Intel Optane Memory application or taking Intel Optane memory to another system,
please must disable Intel Optane Memory acceleration function and then uninstall Intel Optane Memory application or remove Intel Optane Memory from M/B.

How to disable "Intel Optane Memory Acceleration” function in application?
→Please refer to the following picture to disable the function in Intel Optane Memory application.

Error 3 --- Unsupported System Drive
→Because your system drive is formatted at MBR partition, please re-install your system drive at GPT format.