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Question (Q&A-33|147): I use PCI Express VGA card on my ASRock motherboard. My operation system is Windows 98SE / ME. In "Device Manager", there are two "Display Adapter Controllers" in "Display Adapters" option. What should I do?(7/15/2005)
Answer:Please follow the below steps to install PCIE VGA card driver.
a. Please enter "Device Manager" and you will see "Standard Display Adapter (VGA) and "Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)" in the "Display Adapters" option.
b. Please Choose "Standard Display Adapter (VGA)" and right-click "Remove".

c. After removing the device, please reboot your system. Then, you will only see "Standard Display Adapter (VGA)" in "Display Adapter" option.
d. Please start to install your PCIE VGA card driver.