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Question (Q&A-26|120): My CPU is Duron FSB 200 MHz CPU. Why my DDR 400 SDRAM can only run at DDR 266 speed on the K7VT6 motherboard?(12/15/2004)
Answer:According to the specification of VIA KT600, only DDR 266 SDRAM is supported if FSB 200 MHz CPU is installed. DDR 400 SDRAM is supported with FSB 266, 333, or 400 MHz CPU. Please refer to the following supporting table.
FSB \ MemoryDDR 266DDR 333DDR 400
200 MHzYesNoNo
266 MHzYesYesYes
333 MHzYesYesYes
400 MHzYesYesYes
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