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Question (Q&A-145|479): I have installed a graphics card on my system, but monitor doesn't display the signals. What should I do?(3/1/2019)
Question (Q&A-145|478): If there is a new driver available on ASRock website for my graphics card, should I update the driver?(3/1/2019)
Question (Q&A-145|477): Can I use a DVI to D-sub adaptor for the ASRock RX500 series?(3/1/2019)
Question (Q&A-145|476): How do I enable the AMD ReLive function?(3/1/2019)
Question (Q&A-145|475): I can't install the graphics card driver. How can I solve it?(3/1/2019)
Question (Q&A-145|474): I have intermittent black screen or display loss problems. What should I do?(3/1/2019)
Question (Q&A-137|457): I'd like to use the Windows Mixed Reality Headset on on-board HDMI, what should I do?(12/1/2017)
Question (Q&A-117|393): My monitor and DisplayPort cable supports DP1.2. However, the AMD VGA driver still shows "A display capable of DisplayPort v1.2 data rates and multi-streaming is currently connected to a connector that does not support DisplayPort v1.2" on AMD FM2+ platform. How to fix this issue?(6/1/2015)
Question (Q&A-111|361): How to enabled AMD Dual Graphics feature on AMD Platform?(3/1/2014)
Question (Q&A-106|352): I cannot install the VGA driver in the support CD for the integrated graphics of CPU E3-1265L v3. Which VGA driver should I install for CPU E3-1265L v3?(9/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-103|342): When I want to update Lucid Virtu MVP, there are two kinds of Lucid Virtu MVP in Lucid official website: Virtu MVP and Virtu MVP R2.0. Which version of Virtu MVP should I update?(3/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-102|335): Can my DVI port transfer audio signals like HDMI? How to make it work with my HDMI monitor?(2/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-102|338): After installing VirtuMVP V2.1.221 utility I cannot use my printer, what's wrong?(2/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-101|332): I get the BSOD when I install a discrete VGA card driver on Windows 7 or Windows 8 GPT mode with Intel 7 series or AMD FM series chipset motherboards, what should I do?(1/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-99|327): How do I use dual monitors in Maximum 3D performance mode with a GTX690 VGA card?(11/1/2012)
Question (Q&A-98|324): How can I run 128bit bus width via onboard VGA on Z77, Z68, B75, H67 series M/B?(10/1/2012)
Question (Q&A-96|317): My system failed to recognize the VGA card and show d6 on Dr. Debug.(6/1/2012)
Question (Q&A-88|291): When I install ATI HD6670, HD6570, and HD6450 on A75/A55 series motherboards, there is no display output from VGA card. What can I do?(9/1/2011)
Question (Q&A-86|290): I would like to update the VGA driver of Vision 3D from NVIDIA official website, what should I do?(6/1/2011)
Question (Q&A-84|287): If I play Blu-ray 3D movie and use DTS-HD 7.1 formats to output by PowerDVD 10 on Mini PC 3D series, the sound may be lag. How do I solve this problem?(4/1/2011)
Question (Q&A-84|284): Why can't I play Blu-ray discs with Core100HT-BD under Windows XP?(4/1/2011)
Question (Q&A-81|270): When play non 3D DVD or Blu-ray with 3D TV, it is not smooth. How can I fix it?(12/30/2010)
Question (Q&A-75|256): I have plug two NVIDIA® VGA cards on my motherboard but, I cannot find the Enable SLI option in NVIDIA® Control panel?(9/3/2009)
Question (Q&A-74|252): If I use HDMI output, the desktop size can not fully fit the monitor.
How can I do?(8/11/2009)
Question (Q&A-70|245): I install ATI 2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx series PCIE VGA card on the motherboard. After installing all Windows® XP drivers from the motherboard, it still shows an unknown "audio device on the high definition audio bus." message under device manager. What could I try?(1/12/2009)
Question (Q&A-69|242): When I connect a HDMI_SPDIF cable from the HDMI VGA card (GTX260 or GF9800) to the onboard HDMI_SPDIF header, it cannot get sound from the HDMI output. What should I do?(11/27/2008)
Question (Q&A-56|205): I am using the onboard VGA of A780FullDisplayPort or ATi Radeon HD 2xxx/3xxx series PCIE card. Every time I run the 3DMARK or PCMARK, it always freezes during the splash-screen. It does not work at all. How do I fix it?(8/3/2007)
Question (Q&A-53|199): I'm using Windows® Vista™. I just installed a new VGA card, but the screen gets abnormal display. Is there anything I should do?(4/20/2007)
Question (Q&A-33|147): I use PCI Express VGA card on my ASRock motherboard. My operation system is Windows 98SE / ME. In "Device Manager", there are two "Display Adapter Controllers" in "Display Adapters" option. What should I do?(7/15/2005)
Question (Q&A-22|110): My motherboard is SiS chipset based motherboard and the driver of AGP PCI to PCI is version 1.16a or 1.13.03 installed. After updating the Windows XP to service pack 2, there is an exclamation mark in AGP driver of device manager. What should I do?(8/16/2004)
Question (Q&A-11|60): Can I use on-board VGA and add-on AGP card for dual monitors?(9/15/2003)
Question (Q&A-11|57): My ASRock motherboard provides a 1.5V AGP slot. How do I know if I can use my AGP card on the motherboard?(9/15/2003)
Question (Q&A-4|15): When I want to install an add-on AGP graphics card, do I need to adjust any settings in the BIOS if my motherboard has Onboard VGA?(1/30/2003)